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[The Fellowship runs out the chamber into a hall of pillars. The Fellowship is closely pursued by an army of Orcs. Other Orcs spring ou...

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Baby when I think about The day that we first met (the day that we first met) Wasn't lookin for what I found But I found you And I'm bo...

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Sarah Nac
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

:icontradesclosed2: (until further notice. I apologize to anyone who asked recently)

+Hate Uncle Grandpa to the point you want it canceled or make shitty memes about it
+Are bi-phobic, homophobic, panphobic, or hateful/fearful of any other sexuality that isn't heterosexuality
+Are racist
+Are transphobic
+Are a misogynist
+Are abusive
+Are an MRA

Because chances are I'm gonna call you out on what a shitty fuck you are so don't even bother talking to me if you're any of those.

I am Sarah Nac and I AM BACK, BITCHES
I am also known as "Nac", "Nabby-Doo", "Mama Zombie", "Mother Zombie", SNAC, "Sweet Miss Sunshine Cyanide", "Naccy Hensletter", "Naccy Minaj", "Bucky", "Pizza Steve", "Snooki", "Lil Snooki", and very rarely "Izzy" or "Mama Luigi"
I enjoy many things
my current fandoms are Uncle Grandpa, Supernoobs, Star Wars, and Mortal Kombat with side fandom enjoyments of Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Steven Universe, Creepypasta, SCP Foundation, and Dangan Ronpa
Previous fandoms I enjoyed and still do enjoy and you might still see fanart from me from are South Park, Fanboy and Chum Chum, The Lorax, Godzilla, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Homestuck, Dan Vs., Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, and Pacific Rim ((i prolly enjoy others but this is kind of the ones I remember))
I am currently in a relationship <3 with :iconstaticman5000:
I am an atheist
I am a feminist
I love horror, gore, and zombies
I'm a misanthrope AND a romantic
I really love to laugh, I like funny stuff alot.
Watch me here, and if you have a tumblr follow me there too - mainblog - art and concepts blog that I update more often than this page
Here is my Youtube-…
My official music project's page-
Skype -addictedcaffeine (please tell me who you are when you add me or else I will ignore your request)
Facebook- Sarah Hensletter (tell me you are from deviantart when you friend me or I won't accept the request)
I'm head admin on the Uncle Grandpa wiki…
I'm head admin on the Secret Mountain Fort Awesome wiki…
I have an Etsy (shop coming soon!) -…
Wow I havent made an actual journal in a while. 
Anyways might as well give an early cosplay line ups? I'll announce the days im doin them soon but my cosplays are as follows

Peridot from Steven Universe
Mettaton from Undertale
Flame Princess from Adventure Time (her Summer Dress outfit)

so yeah. Who else is going to CTcon this year?

Journal History


Xenya Technetetium

Here’s a revived OC of mine named Xenya Technetetium. He’s not for any particular fandom, but I might stick him into a few fandom’s of mine.

He’s basically a teenager obsessed with conspiracy theories, paranormal stuff, and aliens. He dedicates most of his life to trying to capture or spot aliens or cryptids or even ghosts. He’s also really good at fixing cars and inventing gadgets that help him on his quest to be the best paranormal hunter in existence. His voicecanon is Karl Pilkington, also :’)

he’s also Raccooon‘s boyfriend

I might make a wiki entry for him eventually *shrug*

Xenya Technetetium (c) Me

Iothes Mebsuta

Here she is! my Star Wars persona Iothes Mebsuta!

I’m not 100% great with Star Wars lore and she’s also a fairly new persona so I did not have a whole lot of time to develop her, but bear with me:

She’s about 24/25 years old, her parents were in the Galactic Empire prior to joining the First Order, which she joined as well. She’s a human but I’m not sure what planet she came from yet (like I said, not too familiar with Star Wars lore). 

She works as a Control Room Operative at first, but she is constantly going up in the ranks throughout the little romance story I’m making :’) Kinda toying with the idea of her being an officer, a captain, even Kylo Ren’s personal assistant

She met personally with Kylo Ren by chance, and that encounter is based off of a nsfw readerxKylo fanfic I read (basically she’s running late for work, he’s in the hall and sees her, has her go to his office, she thinks she’s in trouble but she isn’t, he tells her he’s been watching her for a while and appreciates the work she does, they frickle, they’ve been frickling ever since :’) ). She absolutely adores Kylo and would do anything for him. 

She’s also super loyal to the First Order and will do anything for the organization, earning her a reputation as a “brown noser” amongst her peers, but she doesn’t care all that much so long as she has Kylo’s approval.

Personality wise, she’s quiet, loyal, and dutiful, trying her best to work as hard as possible to produce the best work possible. She’s also a bit entitled toward people she feels are beneath her. She’s also a total yandere for Kylo :’)

I’ll try to come up with more details later but this is all I have for now *shruggalo* trying to learn more about the First Order so I can flesh out her job and role a little better.

Iothes Mebsuta (c) Me

babes tho

ah there they are my babies <3

Kylo and my star wars persona Iothes Mebsuta in civilian clothes probably going on a date 

I’ll eventually post a character sheet and bio for Io but for now have my OTP

Kylo Ren (c) Disney
Iothes Mebsuta (c) Me

Ricky screamed as the woman tightened her hold on him. Cheesepuff Mike continued to stare into the camera, almost like he was awaiting a decision from within it. Just then, Jessica ran in. She ran a long way to Xenya's house, so she was sweating and quite out of breath.

"Hey... let... my friend.... go!" Jessica was gasping for air, clutching her chest.

"There you are! Are you ready to fight me?" Cheesepuff Mike took a fighting stance in his robotic monstrosity.

"Listen, I think we can negotiate this without any violence!" Jessica tried to bargain with him.

"NO!" the woman with the mask shouted as she lightly grazed Ricky's neck with the knife. 

Ricky cried in response. "Please don't kill me!" However, one thing he noticed about the knife touching his skin is that it didn't hurt at all. In fact, it didn't even cut him.  He figured maybe she wasn't pressing too hard, but he was still pretty scared.

Jessica clenched her fists. "You don't have to do this!"

"FACE ME MAJESTICO!" Cheesepuff Mike shouted.

"We need you Majestico! You are our only hope!" Uncle Grandpa shouted. "The powers are in the RV in the Treasure Room!"

Jessica looked at Uncle Grandpa, then at Cheesepuff Mike, then at the woman holding Ricky, and then at a cowering Xenya snapping pictures in the corner.

"I even upgraded the suit and the powers for you! Please! You gotta save us!" Uncle Grandpa pleaded.

Jessica knew that if she chose the super hero abilities that her life wouldn't be the same ever again. She would live a life full of exhaustion and endless work. She shut her eyes and thought about Ricky and how he works on the farm all day when he's not in school. Hard work for his family. He even sets his homework aside for it, even if he suffers greatly. 

He was her best friend, she couldn't let him die because of her decisions. If he can work hard, so can she. She stepped over to Uncle Grandpa.

"I'll do it!" she told him as she ran towards the RV.

In that moment, the woman took Ricky and flung him across the room and sent him crashing into Xenya. The two boys were knocked into an awkward position on top of each other. They quickly got off each other and looked away awkwardly.

Jessica ran past the living room in the RV and so did the woman in the bunny mask. Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve were sitting on the couch watching TV as they zoomed past.

"Wow, this new episode is very action packed!" Mr. Gus told Pizza Steve. "It's like they're right in front of us!"

"Yeah, it'd be better with Pizza Steve though!" Pizza Steve lazily replied.

Jessica had a hard time finding the treasure room, but the woman in the bunny mask didn't seem to have a problem. When Jessica noticed she was going for the Treasure Room rather than going after her, she decided to follow.

They both got into the treasure room. The woman pulled a few secret levers on the wall to open up a secret room. She ran into that, and so did Jessica.

Jessica watched as the woman ran past a glowing orb containing Majestico's super suit and went to a wall labeled with different powers. The woman immediately grabbed a scoop of energy from "Chaos Powers", "Super Speed", "Super Flexibility", Super Enhanced Agility", and a small dash from "Super Strength" and made it into an orb which she slammed into herself.

The woman cackled as a black and pink aura surrounded her. Jessica knew that she had to act fast in order to defeat her. In that moment, Cheesepuff Mike came in holding Uncle Grandpa. Ricky and Xenya were running after them.
Cheesepuff Mike cackled as he turned on a vacuum-like apparatus that began to absorb all the power containers from the wall. Jessica immediately slammed herself into the Majestico suit and immediately underwent a magical girl like transformation sequence, which was alot different from when she first put the suit on.

Once transformed, she made a very dramatic anime fighting stance.

Cheesepuff Mike cackled as he continued to steal all the super powers from the room. Majestico went to fight him, but she was knocked out of the way by the bunny masked woman.

Majestico hit the opposite wall as the woman quickly ran towards her with one of her fists in the air. Majestico dodged the attack and used her flight abilities to propel herself off the wall.

"Who the hell are you?" Jessica asked the woman.

The woman hissed. "I am ZOMBIE DARKO!" she adjusted the large mechanical hand attached to her other arm. "I am a mistress of darkness and I will DESTROY YOU!"

Zombie Darko ran towards Majestico as she super charged the energy bolt in her mechanical hand. Majestico began to charge up her own super powered energy bolt. As Zombie Darko went in for the attack, Majestico released her power, which ended up being a super hot dog beam. A white energy accompanied by an almost never ending stream of hot dogs barraged Zombie Darko and sent her flying across the room.

Cheesepuff Mike saw what happened and became angry. He stopped sucking up the powers from the room and held an energy orb in his hand. "That's it you've asked for it!"

He slammed the orb in his chest. "With a small enhancement of my natural Super Strength and Electrical Powers, I am no longer Cheesepuff Mike!" he exclaimed as he went through and anime transformation sequence. His suit stayed pretty much the same except it was covered in pictures and text of internet memes. "I am... the MEME-INATOR!"

The Meme-inator lifted his fists and pounded the ground Majestico was standing on. She jumped to dodge the attack. Majestico charged up another hot dog beam and shot it at the Meme-inator, who ended up slipping and falling on them.

Xenya laughed. "Is this Hot Dog Walk 3?"

Ricky giggled as Xenya high fived him.

Zombie Darko let out a loud yell. "HOW DARE YOU!" she screeched as she charged at Majestico.

Majestico used the powers of her butter feet to coat the floor in butter and make her fall over. Zombie Darko slipped and fell right on her face as she slid over to her fallen boyfriend.

Uncle Grandpa, who was now out of Cheesepuff Mike's grasp, had changed into his super hero outfit. "Uncle Grandpa Boy is here to save the day!"

Majestico had lifted the Meme-inator and Zombie Darko off of the ground. "No, I've got it, don't worry about it!" she tossed the Meme-inator and Zombie Darko out of the RV.

Everyone cheered.

"Wow, that was great!" Ricky hugged Majestico. "Thanks for saving me, Majestico!"

"Anything for my best friend." she smiled and hugged him back.

"Don't celebrate yet, the Meme-inator took all the super powers!" Xenya pointed at the wall.

Uncle Grandpa gasped. "OH NO! Not the super powers! I was holding those for the Elder God committee!"

"We'll have to get it back! But how?" Majestico tapped her chin.

"Hey, I got it! Just give me a couple days and you'll get the powers back in no time!" Xenya told them. 

Everyone cheered.

Nac excitedly ran into Cheesepuff Mike's room squealing. "IT WORKED! IT WORKED!"

Mike excitedly swiveled around in his chair to face her as she set her laptop down and to show him all the positive reviews circulating around the Youtube  release of the episode.

The comments read as follows:

radical5464 said: WOW! When did Uncle Grandpa get so good?

SUfan3470 said: I'm impressed, the episode didn't actually suck this time!

grabyoboobs56 said: Zombie Darko is hot.

hotdog79 said: Majestico kicked some major ass and it looks like the Uncle Grandpa show is actually getting a plot!
Way better than the movie! Can't wait to see what happens next!

baloneytony83 said: Best episode ever!

Mike wiped some sweat drops off of his face. "Good!" he then cleared his throat. "I mean, I knew it would work!"

Nac hugged him and kissed his forehead. "THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

He kissed her back before digging into a bowl of cheetos. "Now that I have all these powers, we're gonna have to do some recruiting."

"Yeah!" Nac exclaimed excitedly before sitting on the bed. "And maybe we can even have a GUEST villain!"

"Guest villain?" Cheesepuff Mike raised an eyebrow before sighing and slapping his forehead. "I know who you're talking about! God damn it, Nac!"

Nac giggled and made almost inhuman squealing noises. "I LOVE MY FANDOMS!"


"Alright guys, we have a big problem on our hands and we need all the help we can get!" Uncle Grandpa paced back in forth in front of the couch his friends were sitting on. "We all need to become super heroes!"

Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger cheered.

"Wait a minute, Uncle Grandpa. Didn't the Meme-inator steal all the super powers?" Mr. Gus asked.

"Well, yeah, but he left a little bit of them behind!" Uncle Grandpa said before handing each of them to his friends. "Mr. Gus, you'll have super strength. Pizza Steve, you'll have super flexibility. Tiger, you'll have enhanced rainbow abilities." 

Pizza Steve frowned. "Uncle G, I wanted Chaos Powers!"

"I'm sorry Pizza Steve, but that Zombie Darko girl took most of it!"

Pizza Steve pouted some more. "Stupid girl! What kind of stupid name is Zombie Darko anyways! Sounds like a cheap rip off of a good movie!"

"We'll have to come up with super hero names!" Uncle Grandpa suggested.

"I'll be Tyranno Terror Gus!" Mr. Gus said as he activated his super powers and transformed into his super suit.

"I'll be Super Cool Cheesy!" Pizza Steve exclaimed enthusiastically as he transformed into his super suit.

Tiger roared in response as she transformed.

"Mighty Tiger? What a nice name, girl!" Uncle Grandpa complimented. "And I will be Uncle Grandpa Boy with my handy dandy Wonder Bag!"

Belly Bag smiled. "I like that name! Wonder Bag!"

​​​​​​​"I'm sure they will strike next episode, so we have to be prepared!"  Uncle Grandpa told them.
Save Us Majestico! (Part Two)

Here’s the second part of the story.

There will be more to this story but it’s not like a long chapter based thing it’s gonna be more like chapter segments of short stories that contribute to a main on-going theme. I’ll be putting it all under the same story on Quotev but here on DA it’ll have different names, just so no one gets confused.

Also expect crossovers from Mortal Kombat and Star Wars (subject to change at any time)

Sarah Nac, Zombie Darko, Xenya Technetetium, and Ricky Houseman (c) Me
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt


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