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Sarah Nac
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+Hate Uncle Grandpa to the point you want it canceled or make shitty memes about it
+Are bi-phobic, homophobic, panphobic, or hateful/fearful of any other sexuality that isn't heterosexuality
+Are racist
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+Are a misogynist
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Because chances are I'm gonna call you out on what a shitty fuck you are so don't even bother talking to me if you're any of those.

I am Sarah Nac and I AM BACK, BITCHES
I am also known as "Nac", "Nabby-Doo", "Mama Zombie", "Mother Zombie", SNAC, "Sweet Miss Sunshine Cyanide", "Naccy Hensletter", "Naccy Minaj", "Bucky", "Pizza Steve", and very rarely "Izzy" or "Mama Luigi"
I enjoy many things
my current fandom is Uncle Grandpa with side fandom enjoyments of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Pacific Rim, Ratboy Genius, and Dangan Ronpa
Previous fandoms I enjoyed and still do enjoy and you might still see fanart from me from are South Park, Fanboy and Chum Chum, The Lorax, Godzilla, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Homestuck, and Dan Vs. ((i prolly enjoy others but this is kind of the ones I remember))
I am currently in a relationship <3 with :iconstaticman5000:
I am an atheist
I am a feminist
I love horror, gore, and zombies
I'm a misanthrope AND a romantic
I really love to laugh, I like funny stuff alot.
Watch me here, and if you have a tumblr follow me there too - mainblog - art and concepts blog that I update more often than this page
Here is my Youtube-…
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I'm head admin on the Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja wiki www.randycunningham9thgradenin…
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*throws confetti*

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 8:01 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been inactive in terms of art and stories lately. I've been quite busy, actually! Just to give a run down, I moved out of my house and away from my mother in October because I could not take it anymore there. I currently live with my boyfriend and am doing MUCH better in terms of emotional health. I also cut my hair short, which I will post pictures eventually. I also quit going to Uconn because there's no way I can pay for it with the minimum wage earnings I make. Now before you think that sucks, my life ACTUALLY gets better from there.

I got hired for a stocking job through a temp company for $12 an hour to start! Which is AWESOME! So I will be doing that and the minimum wage job I work now because they are both part time. Even better, I signed up for a phlebotomy certification program so I can become a certified phlebotomy technician! It doesn't cost too much for the program, so I'm going to be using the extra cash earnings I'm getting to pay for the program. I will be starting the class on  December 22nd and most likely finishing with my certification on February 10th, which then I can apply for a bunch of phlebotomist jobs and **hopefully** get a full time job by March that pays me super well and gives me benefits! Yay~~~

Not only will I have a career, but I'll most likely be able to make enough extra cash to attend more conventions and make better cosplays! I know that sounds like a silly thing to want, but it's kind of what I've wanted this entire time. I am an artist and a woman of science, my time should be put into working in the medical field as a career and attending conventions with my boyfriend or doing art stuff during my free time!

But yeah, it's safe to say that I have my life on track and I have a goal and I'm super excited about it! Actually, about everyone I told is happy about it, except for my mom, which is the downside to this.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be caring about what my mom thinks considering I left the house and pretty much want nothing to do with her plans for me, but it actually hurts me a little that she doesn't approve. She FOUGHT me on getting a new job and going into the certification program! She was trying to talk me out of it and lie to me by telling me they were all scams! Hell, she even told me how she doesn't like my hair and tried to lie to me and tell me everyone hated it (which is a lie, everyone who's seen my hair cut thinks the haircut looks nice on me and suits my personality quite well). She even tried to talk me into moving back with her even though the household is toxic and abusive! It seems like no matter what I do she is never ever happy with me, which sucks because she is supposed to be my mother! I want her to be happy for me and I want to have a good relationship with her like I have with the rest of my family, even if she was abusive to me my entire life, but she can't even change her abusive and oppressive ways for me! She wants me to stay home and be her nanny/babysitter for all eternity and help ease the brunt of abuse she gets from her emotionally abusive husband! She constantly asks me to come back with her even tho I told her I don't want to come back! It's awful. I want to cut off all contact with her, but I need to talk to her still because she still has me on her car insurance (and its alot cheaper that way) and its a cheaper phone bill to have our phones on the same plan together. Though once I get a full time job and establish my budget and savings, I plan on completely cutting her out of my life so I can finally be happy. Talking with her always makes me angry, upset, and stresses me out. It's a relationship I can't repair and I just need to let go I guess.

But other than that, I am on the road to a happier and more financially secure life by making the decisions and choices I want to make and not the decisions and choices my mom forces me to make! Yay! :D *throws confetti*

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Journal History


I had to do a double take and rub my eyes to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me, but they weren't. What I was seeing was real. I saw Ned staring back at me. Ule Gapa's room in the background, but Ned at the forefront staring at me. He leaned into the window, seemingly examining something. It took me a minute to realize he wasn't staring at me, but rather, he was viewing his own reflection and I was viewing him through a two way mirror. He didn’t have his sunglasses on like he usually did, but his eyes didn't seem right. His normally green eyes had a red ring around them. Was he sick? What was he even doing in Ule Gapa's room anyways?  

After examining himself, he smiled. His smile looked strange though. His teeth were pointier than usual. What was going on? Was what I was seeing even real? And if these are double sided mirrors, could they see me too? I looked over at the mirror next to the painting and shuddered at the though of Ule being able to see me if he just took his painting down. I glanced back at the two way mirror and found Ned was gone. He must have left the room. I should definitely ask him about that later. I went over to the other painting and took it down. There was another two way mirror there that revealed Celeste's room with Celeste sitting on her bed with a piece of paper and some crayons. I smiled. She looked really cute sitting there and drawing. I wanted to see her drawings. I hoped she'd show me her drawings sometime when she felt more comfortable around me.  

I started to examine the rest of her room and soon got what I wanted. I was able to see her drawings, but I don't think I was ready. It was a silly cartoon drawing of me with a big heart around it. There was another one of her hugging me and some hearts around it. I will admit, I am kind of shocked that she sees me that way. I always thought she was scared of me. Unfortunately for her, I'm a little bit too old for her. She looked like she was in her early teens or even her tweens, and I'm almost 18 years old. I chuckled and shook my head before putting the painting back up. Then I realized, if she took her painting down she could see me. I hope she didn't do that. It just made being in the room a lot more uncomfortable than it already was.

I left the room to go find Ned, but I was stopped by Charlie in front of the gym room.  

"Hey! Can you play ball with Chester, Riley, Honey, Gabriella, and I? We need another person on the team! Xarna and Bromanor don't wanna play." he asked eagerly.

"Uhh..." I didn't really want to play, I was ready to tell him no but he grabbed my hand.

"GREAT! Let's play!" he dragged me into the gym room and immediately put me on his team with Chester.  

"So glad you could join us, Kev!" Chester smiled.

"Get ready! Here comes the ball!" Gabriella chuckled as she hit the ball over to us.  

I wasn't sure what game we were playing, but Charlie ran at full speed toward the ball and hit it back at them.

"What's going on?" I asked, unsure of the rules.

"It's like a mix between volleyball and soccer. You gotta try to hit it in the goal just using your hands." Chester explained to me.

The ball sailed past Gabriella and hit Honey on the shoulder before it went toward Riley. Riley screamed and ran away from the ball, landing it in the goal. Charlie and Chester cheered.

"Aww man" Honey snapped her finger.

The game went on for a while like that. Most of the time we got the ball into their goal because Riley was a terrible goalie. They got it into our goal a few times though. During the middle of our game though, I heard the doors get kicked open as Ned ran down the gym with a bucket in his hands. Pizza Steve ran in after him.  

"HEY! PUT THAT DOWN!" Pizza Steve yelled to him.

"FUCK YOU" Ned screamed as he ran toward us.

"Ned? What are you doing?" I called out the question to him.

I soon found out when he stopped in front of Honey, took the lid off the bucket, and dumped the contents of whatever it was onto her. From the looks of it, it smelled bad and was clear with white chunks in it. Honey let out a loud screech as she held out her arms, the foul smelling stuff dripping off of her skin and clothing and onto the floor.

"LOVE PAUL MCCARTNEY, BITCH!" Ned let out a loud cackle.

"YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!" Pizza Steve called after him, ready to tackle him, but Ned turned around and hit him hard with the bucket across the face.

Steve's sunglasses flew off as he let out a loud grunt and fell onto the ground. Ned violently threw the bucket at Steve while he was on the ground before proceeding to spit on him.

"NED! WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE?" I yelled out in anger, taking a step toward him, but he violently turned to me and put up his middle finger.


"WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? WHAT DID YOU THROW ON HONEY?" Gabriella demanded an answer as she frantically went over to Honey's aide.


Riley began to cry. "You're sick, man!" he said.

"WELL YOU'RE A PUSSY!" Ned flipped him off.

"YOU NEED TO LEAVE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!" Chester yelled as he angrily shook his fists.

"BITE ME BITCH!" Ned held out his hands.

Pizza Steve quickly scrambled to his feet before lunging at Ned. "GET OVER HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

Ned laughed as he took off at full speed. Xarna and Bromanor, who witnessed the whole thing, tried to block Ned from leaving, but because of Ned's small stature he was able to quickly sneak under them before they could grab him. Pizza Steve was caught instead, running full force into Xarna's strong muscles. Steve fell over as Ned got away.  

"What the hell was his problem?" Bromanor asked.

"I don't know..." Pizza Steve sighed before getting up and brushing himself off. "Little asshole went into the kitchen and took a garbage container Tiny Miracle was in the process of taking out and fucking ran with it. Tiny tried stopping him, but he threw a wrench at him. So Mr. Gus and I ran after him, but he managed to give Mr. Gus a concussion so I was just running after him, and then he did this shit!"

"But why?" I asked.

"I don't know! He had no clear motive other than to apparently humiliate poor Honey over there and to violently assault me with a bucket!" Steve let out a frustrated sigh as he went to go pick up his glasses.

"T-That's not like him at all..." I shook my head. I was really concerned. Why would Ned do something like that?

"Well apparently you didn't know him well enough!" Riley shook his head.

Gabriella was trying her best to comfort Honey, but Honey looked far gone. She had a 1000 yard stare as she shook uncontrollably.

"I'll go get some fresh towels and a bucket full of soap water to help clean up Honey!" Charlie volunteered.

"I'll help you, brother!" Bromanor nodded as they followed Charlie out of the gym.

"Honey, it's okay. I-I'm here for you. We're all here for you." Riley reassured Honey.

Honey was silent. She just slowly brought her arms into a hug position and began to hug herself as she shook.

"I'm really sorry about Ned, Honey. I don't know what happened. He never did anything like that for as long as I knew him." I told her.

Honey still didn't respond. Chester angrily shook his fists.

"Don’t worry, Honey, I'll make sure Paul McCartney pays for this!" he told her.

Honey finally snapped. "Chester! This is NOT about PAUL MCCARTNEY! Could you please just STOP with that Paul McCartney nonsense, please? I'm going to scream if I hear that name one more time!"

"I'm sorry, Honey. I'm just trying to help." Chester looked down.

"Well you're not helping! Just be quiet, please!" she told him.

"Fine" he sighed.

Charlie and Bromanor quickly came back with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, and some fresh towels.

"Alright, guys, we should probably leave while Gabriella and Xarna help Honey clean up" Charlie suggested.

"I can help too!" Bromanor pouted.

"It's not very gentleman like, though..." Pizza Steve told Bromanor.

Bromanor angrily crossed their arms. "Excuse me? I'm not a 'gentleman'! I'm a lady!"

"I'm really sorry!" Pizza Steve immediately apologized.  

Bromanor nodded. "It's alright. It's a common mistake."

The rest of us followed Charlie out of the gymnasium while the girls helped Honey clean up.

"I should go find Ned" I excused myself.

"Tell him to never show his face if he knows what's good for him!" Pizza Steve hissed.

I nodded and searched every room available in the RV. I couldn't find him, so I just went over to his room and knocked on the door.

"Ned?" I called out as I knocked on his door.

"Kev?" he asked.

"Yeah, bro, what the fuck was that all about in the gym?" I asked.

"Huh?" Ned seemed confused.

"What you just did!" I told him.

Ned cracked open the door and peeked out at me. "I was in here the whole time."

"No dude, you just poured kitchen grease all over Honey in the gymnasium, beat the shit out of Pizza Steve with the empty bucket, and insulted everyone! Do you seriously not remember that?" I wasn't sure if he was trying to pretend or if he legitimately didn't remember.

Ned opened the door fully and scratched his head. "Dude, I'm tellin' you, I didn't do any of that! I don't know what you're talking about! I've been in here almost the entire time! I went to the library to pick out a couple of books from a series I wanted to catch up on and I went in here to read them the entire time!"

"Dude, you're lying!" I hissed at him. "I saw you in Ule's room shortly before you came into the gym and humiliated Honey!"

"WHAT?!" Ned looked shocked.

"Yeah! I found out that the paintings on the wall hide a two way mirror that shows your neighbors room when one of my paintings went crooked." I told him. "And I was you checking yourself out in the mirror in Ule's room. How did you even get in there, bro?"

"You must have been having some crazy delusions because I never went to Ule's room or the gym! I was in the library then I went in here! I'm telling you the truth!" he told me.

"Ned, we've been friends for a long time. I don't want to believe you'd do such an awful thing to someone, but I literally saw you do it. I don't think you are telling me the truth!" I told him.

"Fine, Kev. Don't believe me." Ned sighed before going into his room and picking up some books that were on the table. "This is the series I was reading. The Hungry Games. The series made into a movie that starred Jennifer Larry who also played in Teenaged Fart Throb as Debbie's friend Gina. That's what I was doing the entire time."

"I just can't deny what I saw, Ned." I told him honestly.

"Well it wasn't me. Somebody must have impersonated me or something." Ned shrugged.

"Who's that short?" I asked.

"I don't know, Celeste maybe?" he suggested.

"She didn't do it. I saw her drawing in her room when I took down the other painting." I told him.

"Ew creep why are you spying on little girls?" he hissed.

"I wasn't! I didn't know she would be there when I took down the painting!" I defended myself.

"She could have easily dressed up like me and went into the gymnasium" he theorized.

"Yeah but the person even sounded like you, dude." I corrected him.

"That's weird. Maybe it was a ghost? Or Uncle Grandpa?" he started to throw around theories.

"It doesn’t make sense, dude.  Just... try to be careful at dinner. Everyone hates you now." I warned him.

"They shouldn't!" he crossed his arms.

"Well they do because they saw you humiliate Honey and now everyone wants to beat you up!" I told him.

"Well I guess I'll be missing dinner then if that's how it's gonna be. I'm not going to risk my life over something I didn't even do, bro." he sighed. "Goodbye"  

He shut the door. I sighed as well. How could he not have remember what he did? What if there was an impostor? Nothing made sense. I heard Tiny Miracle's dinner announcement sound over the intercom. I decided to trudge over to the dining room and eat my dinner. I sat down next to Chester and Ned's empty seat and poked around at my meal.

"Did you find that asshole?" Chester asked.

"He's in his room. I told him, but he doesn't seem to recall that that happened. He said he'll be sitting out for dinner because he doesn't want to deal with everyone being angry at him." I told them.

"Coward!" Honey hissed.

"What even happened?" Nac asked.

Gabriella explained what happened to Nac and everyone else that wasn't there.

"Yeesh!" Eddie shook his head.

"How barbaric." Villefoe sighed.

The rest of dinner was quite silent after that, aside from Nac chewing Villefoe's ear off about something on her website.

After dinner, I went straight to my room to take a nap. I couldn't handle being awake anymore at this point. I briefly woke up to Tanezumi's 9 pm announcement, but I quickly went back to sleep. After that, I woke up to the fear game announcement. I didn't want to watch it, but I knew I had to. So I got myself up and rubbed my eyes as she made the announcement.

Death on Wheels: Chapter 6
*Randy Marsh voice* *snaps fingers* Hungry Games yayaya yayayAAAA Hungry Games!

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

PREVIOUS: Death On Wheels: Chapter 5
Coming Soon
After the fear game I witnessed, I had trouble sleeping that night. If that's how the fear games are going to be, what if I'm next? I don't know if I'd be able to handle something like that, even if I am a tough punk rocker. That was completely brutal, and it left me with questions about Ule Gapa. He certainly left the impression on me that he was a giant asshole, but maybe there was more to him? Maybe I could investigate and see what really was going on with Ule Gapa.  

It only felt like I got to shut my eyes for a few seconds. Before I knew it, Tanezumi's announcement sounded on the speakers of the TV.  

"Wake up you froot loop dinguses! It's time for another EXCITING day in the RV and another FEAR GAME tonight at midnight!" she announced in a cheery voice before the TV shut off.

It took me a little bit, but I was able to drag myself out of bed and get ready. I didn't bother to spike my hair again. I was too tired and at this point I just didn't care anymore. Especially if I'm in a fear game, I don’t want some crazy thing to find me because a hair spike was sticking out of my hiding spot. Once I was ready, I opened my door only to hear Ule Gapa scream.  

I jumped back a little before going to investigate what happened. Ule was hunched over in front of his door sobbing.  

"Ule?" I asked.

He snapped his head up at me, his face contorted into an angry expression but tears were rolling down his cheeks and streaming out of his eyes.

"Hey... it's alright..." I tried to reassure him, but that's when he opened his arms. When he opened his arms, a head rolled out.  

It was the head of a woman. She had light pink hair, blue eyes widened and blood shot, light orange skin that seemed pale and blood drained, and a smile across her face. There was a note attached to her that said "You did this to her and you have to live with this for the rest of your life. - Mike". The note had a cheesepuff dust covered fingerprint on it.

"Wha-" I stared at the head in complete shock.  

"That was my girlfriend. Her name was Grunnilda, Gruna for short. She played Bella Purse in the sitcom..." he told me.

"I thought it was Bella Butts?" I asked.

Ule Gapa slammed down his fists. "NO! Those names were utter shit and a giant lie!"

"Really?" I asked. I was genuinely curious, but it sounded a little sarcastic.  

"YES!" he gave me an angry look before sighing. "It was Ule Gapa and his friends, Pasta Steve, Gussy Gus, Bella Purse, and Lillian Tigress. It was supposed to be an Uncle Grandpa parody, at least that's what Cheesepuff Mike told me. He told me he hated Uncle Grandpa and could make a better show and asked me to star in it. He told me it would be great because I'd give representation to disgustoids and help toward educating the humans and I would get a shit-ton of cash so my girlfriend and I could stop living in poverty. I took the offer because I was sick of living in the shitty conditions humans forced me in, and I believed it'd help me overcome my anger issues."

"Who's Cheesepuff Mike?"  I asked.

"A fucking dick head, but I'll get to that in a fucking minute if you let me finish!" he waved his hand at me angrily. Even after a traumatizing fear game experience, he's still bitter and angry. I guess it's understandable, though. "So I took the job, and we filmed the sitcom over a few month basis. It was a fun experience and I did get a hefty paycheck. It seemed like it would be a funny show from the edited clips Mike showed me. Nothing like what actually aired on TV. It seemed like a better version of Uncle Grandpa, where my friends would unwittingly drag me into silly situations where we'd have to find a solution and grow as characters in a more sensible matter than Uncle Grandpa does it. But unfortunately, what aired on TV was god fucking awful. Mike edited the ones on the TV in a way where they were FILLED with all kinds of offensive and disgusting humor, especially taking jabs at disgustoids and making us out to be some kind of one dimensional stereotype of beings who don't know how to clean themselves properly, but the humans didn’t give a shit about that. They were outraged at how the show made racist jokes about some humans and sexist jokes about female humans, understandably so. I was pissed too because that's not what I signed up for. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to show the world that disgustoids are similar to humans and can be talented actors. So not only did we get public outrage from activists, Pizza Steve was outraged that we used a rip off of his name and sued us for ripping off Uncle Grandpa's show. Of course, he won the case and rather than Mike taking the fall, he blamed and pinned it all on me and the humans believed him. The court case put me and all the other actors in crippling debt. So bad, that all of them except me killed themselves. I watched my girlfriend kill herself right in front of me. I was ready to die too, but then I saw they wanted contestants here and I figured this would be the best way to avenge my girlfriend. To give that piece of shit pizza man a piece of my mind!"

"Were you planning to kill him?" I asked.

"No, but I was gonna beat the shit out of him after this tour was over and steal his money and tell him all about what he did to me!" he clenched his fist. "Then I was gonna find that son of a bitch Mike and fucking kill him!"

"I'm sorry to hear all of that..." I told him.

Ule looked up at me in anger before sighing and dropping his head. He unclenched his fist before speaking. "It's fine... you aren't the one who did this."  

He picked up his girlfriend's decapitated head before getting up. "I'm gonna put her in a safe place and then join you all for breakfast."

"Alright" I told him. He nodded before going back into his room.  

I made my way to the dining room, feeling a bit better that now I know Ule's story, but it was still pretty shitty what happened. Hopefully the blood from that sink was cleared up this time.  

When I got to the dining room, it was cleaned and everyone was sitting there chatting with each other, awkwardly but it seemed like everyone was trying to get over the disturbing thing we all witnessed last night. I saw Riley holding Honey's hand. He still had that terrified look in his eyes, but I could tell he felt a little safer holding onto her hand. Good for him. As I walked over to my seat, I overheard Nac letting out an annoyed sigh.

"This weird guy has been HITTING ON ME on my website! It is soooo annoying and gross!  He must be a lonely broni friendzoni!" she told Villefoe, who was sitting next to her. She showed him what I assume was the message on her phone.

"Seems this fellow can't take no for an answer..." Villefoe sighed.

"I know right? Like can't he just go away? I keep telling him to leave me alone!" she tugged on her new pink wig. Her other wig must be in the wash.

"Perhaps I could take care of him for you?" Villefoe asked, taking a sip of his tea.

Nac giggled. "We need to find him first!"

As I sat in my seat between Ned and Chester, Ned immediately began to nudge my shoulder.

"Dude! Check it, this guy has a fucking SKULL COLLECTION! That’s so fucking cool, bro!" Ned told me as he pointed to Chester, who bashfully looked up with a small grin.

"Eh, it's nothing really. Sometimes I find them myself taking some nice strolls in the woods, and sometimes I buy them."  Chester nodded before tapping his chin. "Though, I'm not too sure how they managed to put my skull collection in my room here, but it brings me a little peace knowing that I can still look at it and polish them."

"Why skulls?" I asked. "Not that there's anything wrong with that, it sounds totally awesome."

"I guess I just like the way they look. It is interesting to see the inner makings of something, I guess." he answered.  

I'll admit, the answer creeped me out a little within context of this shitty situation we are trapped in.

"Will you ever get your hands on the skulls of all 4 Beatles members?" asked Ned.

"I might some day... though I really just want Paul McCartney's head! He's awful!" Chester clenched his fist.

Tiny Miracle came in at that moment and started to give us our plates. It had our favorite breakfast foods on it, unsurprisingly at this point. Since I have two favorites for breakfast, they gave me my favorite cereal and a plate of bacon, eggs, and hash browns. I didn't feel like eating the cereal today, so I ate the bacon, eggs, and hash browns instead. Ule Gapa trudged into the room and sat down in his seat before Chester waved his hand at Tiny Miracle who was setting down the last plate.

"Hey, uhm, two questions."  Chester cleared his throat. "One, can I get some more syrup for my pancakes? And two, how do you guys know exactly what to give us for a meal?"

"Of course!" Tiny Miracle nodded before a bottle of syrup came out of his arm. He handed it to Chester.

"Thanks!" Chester smiled before getting to work putting the syrup on his pancakes.

"As for your second question, this was Uncle Grandpas last minute idea. He said since you are all stuck in the RV, he wants you to enjoy yourselves. He also wants to make sure your comfort levels are at a maximum level so you do not get the urge to kill each other. He doesn’t want you to play Tanezumi's game." Tiny Miracle explained.

"That makes sense" I nodded.

"Yeah, there's no way that Tanezumi chick wants us to be happy. She tried to take credit for it, though." Chester laughed. "And Paul McCartney never wants us to be happy"

"Did I answer all of your questions, Mr.  Zarke?" Tiny Miracle asked.

"Yes, thank you so much!" Chester thanked him again before happily digging into his pancakes.

I looked over and caught Celeste staring at me. She quickly turned away once she noticed me notice her. She had quite the fancy breakfast, with cereal in a fancy silverware bowl, a cup of tea, and a croissant. Looks like she ate half of the croissant already and barely touched anything else. I nodded before Ned broke my thoughts.  

"Bro, what did you think of that bullshit last night?" he asked me.

"Brutal" I answered with one word, hoping he wouldn't keep talking about it.

"Ule got it really good last night! I really hope we don't end up like that!" Ned kept pressing on the subject.

"Yeah" I answered again, hoping he'd shut up about it already.

Shortly after I answered Ned, Ule got up out of his seat and cleared his throat. Everyone quietted their conversations and looked over at him.  

"Hey, there's something I'd like to say" he announced.

Chester rolled his eyes before whispering in my ear. "What? That I'm the psychopath that made him go through the game even though it's obvious Paul McCartney did it?" he chuckled.

Chester wasn't low enough when whispering, so Ule looked over like as if he heard, but he didn’t say anything about it.

"I want to apologize for losing my temper yesterday." he announced before turning to Honey. "I'm sorry I said what I said to you and then proceeding to push you out of the way. That wasn't right. You were only trying to help."

Honey smiled and nodded. "It's okay, I forgive you! You were just really upset. I understand."

Ule turned to Chester. "And I'm sorry for calling you crazy and shoving you. I was really panicked over the whole sink situation and when you suggested what you suggested, I lost my mind."

"I forgive you." Chester told him.

"What about me?" Pizza Steve asked, coming out from the corner he was standing in. Who knows how long he was even there.

Ule clenched his fists and looked like he was ready to blow a gasket. Steve came up and whispered in his ear. I could barely hear what he said, but it sounded like "If you scream at me, your other apologies will look insincere."

Ule sighed in defeat. "Yeah, sure."

Steve gave him a cheeky grin. "Thank yooouu" he lowered his sunglasses and winked at him before leaving.

Ule sat down and began to poke at his food. After breakfast, nothing much happened, so we were able to enjoy the day before the next fear game started. I decided to play some video games. I wanted to be alone, but Adam and Belly ended up bugging me to join in on some games. Though I was hesitant at first, I'm glad I went along with them. It was nice to just hang out and connect with people despite the current situation. After doing that, I went to my room for a quick minute to sketch an idea I had for a character.  

I sat down and began sketching, but half way through my sketch something compelled me to look up at the paintings on the wall. I wasn't very happy with my decision to do so, though. When I looked up I saw that thing again, smiling at me.

"Please don't scream" I told it, but it ignored me. It let out a loud scream, but rather than scream in my direction, it screamed at the painting, which knocked it out of place a little so that it was hanging crookedly on the wall.  

I covered my ears and shut my eyes as it screamed. It only lasted for a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. My ears were ringing even after the thing disappeared and everything was silent. I put my finger in my ear in an attempt to help alleviate the pain I felt. I got up and walked slowly walked over to the picture. I shook my head in another effort to alleviate the pain before I examined the now crooked picture. Rather than fix it, I decided to just take it off its hinges. When I did, I saw something extremely strange.
Death On Wheels: Chapter 5
R.I.P. Bella Butts Grunnhilda

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

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Death on Wheels: Chapter 6
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
"ULE GAPA!" Tanezumi laughed. The cameras shifted to Ule Gapa sitting in his room with a shocked look on his face.  

"You have got to be FUCKING kidding me!" he shouted as he threw off his bed sheets and angrily got up.

"Let the fear games BEGIN!" Tanezumi cackled as Ule Gapa's room slowly started to form into an old television studio set.

"What the fuck!" Ule Gapa looked around at the studio set, which was clearly abandoned.  
He slowly walked through the old set, which looked like something out of a generic sitcom. It had a cookie-cutter living room from what I could see. He walked up to the couch and placed his hand on one of the tables before immediately taking it away.  

"UGH!" he yelled out as he shook off his hand. The table now had his hand print on it, because apparently it was covered in a thick dust like everything else in the room. I almost didn't notice it until he put his hand down on the table.

He walked over to the coffee table next to the couch and lifted up a photograph.  The camera zoomed into the photograph and revealed a picture of Ule Gapa grumpily staring at the audience with happy-go lucky looking characters that looked kind of like cheesy rip-offs of Uncle Grandpa's crew. Ule sighed before putting the photo back down.

"Of course my fear game will be based off of this" he rolled his eyes before squinting. "What the..."

He slowly turned around, and what came into focus were words written in blood on the back wall that read 'Start off the show!'.  

Ule Gapa sighed. "What if I refuse? Will the fear game continue if I refuse?"

Right after he spoke, the sound of a metal object being flung across the room sounded as Ule screamed out and held his shoulder. Right after he put his hand over his shoulder, a throwing star stuck itself into the wooden floor with Ule's blood on the tip. The words on the back wall changed to 'Next is your head'. Ule sighed and went toward the couch. He put out his arms and immediately cheesy sitcom theme music began to play.


Ule gave a fake smile as he waved to the audience and sat down


Suddenly characters started to pop up before him. The first to appear was a fat and greasy looking guy with sunglasses. He was trying to pull off a hip outfit that you'd normally see on a guy like Pizza Steve, but you could tell he was too fat and old for the outfit as his stomach stuck out of it.


Clearly the character was a parody on Pizza Steve. Now I can understand why the sitcom was cancelled. Another character popped up. This guy looked skinny and very weak. He had dark skin but appeared pale in complexion anyways, his clothes pretty much sagged right off of him. He had on a white tank top with loose jeans and oversized basketball sneakers. He wore an oversized baseball cap that said "OBEY".


I was shocked at how stereotypical and racist the character looked. He was even named in such a racist and stereotypical manner. I was really glad this show got cancelled if this was really how the show was laid out. Another character popped up. Looked like Uncle Grandpa's zipper-mouthed friend Billy except she was a girl and had a colorful hippie dress on.


She immediately turned around and slapped her ass before the next character came up. This character literally looked like it was taken out of a Japanese anime and did not match with the other characters at all. She had brightly colored green hair and large anime eyes. She looked inhuman.  


This one also looked like another stereotype, which bothered me as well. Was Ule Gapa that uncreative with a shitty sense of humor?


Suddenly the living room morphed into the kitchen and they were all sitting around the table with breakfast. Ule was reading the paper, Trashboat Steve was quickly eating everything on his plate, Thuggy Gus was chopping up what looked like cocaine and not even touching his food, Bella kept adjusting her bra, and Tiger Lilly was eating rice with chopsticks. The camera zoomed in on the paper Ule was reading and his facial reactions to all of it. Headlines all over the paper included things like 'ULE GAPA SHOW DISGUSTINGLY RACIST', 'WOMEN OUTRAGED OVER BELLA BUTTS', 'PIZZA STEVE OUTRAGED OVER TRASHBOAT STEVE', 'ULE GAPA SHOW A CANCER TO SOCIETY', and 'UNCLE GRANDPA AND CREW SUEING ULE GAPA OVER ULE GAPA SHOW'. Ule didn't seem angry, in fact, he looked more distressed than anything. He cleared his throat before putting down the paper.

"E-Everything sucks?" Ule Gapa uttered his line as more of a question than a statement like it normally would have been.

"Yeah mang it TOTALLY DOES mah *bleep*" Thuggy Gus nodded as he snorted the cocaine right off the table.

"I want some!!" Trashboat Steve whined as he shoved the entire plate down his throat.  
Tiger Lilly uttered something in Japanese, but the subtitles appeared on the bottom of the screen. 'Everyone hates this show that's why we were cancelled after the first episode. We should just kill ourselves."

"I HAVE JUST THE THING!!" Bella screamed as she turned her ass to the screen and lifted up her skirt. There was literally no censor bar as she proceeded to reach her hand up her ass and pull stuff out. I actually had to turn away from the screen because it was really gross and disturbing. I peaked through my fingers periodically and found she had put a noose, a toaster, a katana, and a giant bottle of valium on the table.
Once the grotesque scene was done, I turned back to see Ule Gapa's crew around the table clapping and laughing. Ule Gapa, however, looked really scared.

"LET'S DO IT!" Bella laughed.


But that couldn't stop his friends. Thuggy Gus immediately grabbed the bottle of valium and just began to down the entire bottle.  Every single pill in the bottle was gone within a matter of seconds. He then proceeded to snort the rest of the cocaine off the table before dropping onto the floor and presumably dying. I was a little disturbed just from seeing that, and I couldn't imagine how the other deaths were going to go.

Of course, I didn't have to imagine anymore because Tiger Lilly proceeded to chop herself in half with the katana, crotch first. She screamed as the blade ripped her flesh apart. It all seemed too real and hyper-realistic.  

Bella Butts ran up the stairs and into the bathroom, where she proceeded to jump into a tub with a toaster and a few other electrical appliances and electrocute herself to death. She laughed and screamed in pain as the electricity ran through her body and began to fry her skin.  

Trashboat Steve stood in the middle of the room on a box with the noose around his neck and a bottle of vodka in his hand. He took a swig before kicking the box out from under him and proceeding to choke to death on the noose. The back wall said 'PRODUCED BY CHEESEPUFF MIKE' in blood.

Ule Gapa screamed out before collapsing on the floor and crying. "NO! THIS WAS NOT HOW THE SHOW ACTUALLY WENT! CHEESEPUFF MIKE BETRAYED ME! THOSE POOR ACTORS! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! PLEASE!!!!!"

Everything was silent except for the sound of Ule Gapa's sobbing, sniffling, and gagging. A shadowy figure appeared before him with a sign. The sign read 'find the Ule Gapa logo pin and you can go'.


The figure gave him another sign that said 'you'll have to dig through their bodies'.
Ule Gapa gagged and held his mouth. "Y-You want me to dig through their bodies?"
The shadowy figure nodded before disappearing. Ule Gapa began to cry again as he lied down on the floor. He gripped the floor and began to shift his knees uncomfortable as he sobbed and choked. Watching him felt awful. If that really wasn't how his sitcom was, then why was it cancelled? Whatever the reason,  I dread having to watch what comes next.
After sobbing helplessly on the floor for a good fifteen minutes, he slowly dragged himself over to Tiger Lilly. He shakily brought his hands over to her body and slowly began moving her organs around in search for the pin. He sobbed and coughed the entire time. "W-Why?"

He couldn’t find anything on her, so he went over to Thuggy Gus. He grabbed a kitchen knife off the table before going to work and cutting open his fallen crew member. Thuggy Gus opened his eyes as Ule brought the knife over to his chest.

"Aww man don’t do it!" Please don't do it mah *bleep*" Thuggy Gus managed to choke out in a weak voice.

Ule cried. "I-I'm sorry..." he wheezed out as he lifted up the knife above his head.
"Naww man nawww!" Thuggy Gus croaked. It was too late, Ule quickly brought the knife down and stabbed it into his heart. Ule shut his eyes and looked the other way as he used the knife to cut through the dark man's skin. Ule slowly turned his head to look at his work and began to sift through his organs like he did with Tiger Lilly. When he found nothing, he lied on the ground and began the sobbing fit he had before. He knew he had to go through his crew mate Steve next. After another good fifteen minutes, he brought himself up and made his way to the living room.  

Ule carefully took the overweight man off the noose and gently placed him onto the floor before kneeling down besides him. Ule performed the same stab he did with Thuggy Gus and went to work cutting him open.  The entire process was slow and seemed to go on forever, just like the other times he searched his crew mates. With shaky hands he searched Trashboat Steve's organs and insides until he determined there was no pin inside.  
He gagged and choked before turning to face the stairs. He began to slowly crawl up them, but was stopped when he saw Bella was on top of the staircase. She was naked and her entire body was covered in ashes and third degree burns. Her hair stood straight up and her eyes were wide and blank. She opened her mouth to reveal sharp teeth. Ule screamed as he fell down the stairs and scrambled to get away. He was too late though, because Bella was on top of him, practically humping him.

"CUT ME ULE, CUT ME OPEN!!!!" she moaned into his ear.


"CUT MEEEEE" she screeched into his ear.

Ule shoved her off with a loud grunt of effort before attacking her and stabbing her with the knife. He went to work cutting her open and searching her too, another long and drawn out process filled with tears, sobbing, and gagging. When he found nothing, he threw one of her organs against the ground. It made a sickening wet sound as it rolled across the floor.  

"THERE'S NO PIN!!!" he sobbed.

Bella sat up and reached behind his ear. She pulled out the pin from behind his ear and showed him.  

"It was behind your ear the whole time..." she laughed before her voice became demonic. "YOU DID IT ALL FOR NOTHING!"

She let out a shrill, ear-splitting scream before the entire room imploded and morphed itself back to Ule Gapa's room. Ule was sitting in the middle of the room in front of his bed covered in blood and in the fetal position crying.

The screen then showed static before Tanezumi appeared back on the screen. "Hope you enjoyed the fear game! Have a good night!"
Death On Wheels: Fear Game: Shit-Com
Fear Game contestants are picked on a random number generator basis.
Sitcom more like SHITcom amirite??????

Sarah Nac, Tanezumi, and Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

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Death On Wheels: Chapter 5
"I hope you had a good look around the RV" Tanezumi smiled. "Because you'll need to use all of it to your advantage."

"Well,  I tried to have a good look, but it seemed like the rest of the RV was blocked off." Chester announced while raising his hand.  I'm not sure why he was raising his hand.

"Well that's what I'm here to talk about" Tanezumi leaned on the centerpiece of the table before bringing her voice to a whisper. "Incentives!"

The sound of silverware abruptly crashing against porcelain dinner plates unanimously sounded around the room before it fell silent. Everyone's attention was on Tanezumi, except mine, I was still staring at my food. I don't know what she could possibly incentivize to be honest. Only a complete asshole would want to chase after any incentive she could possibly have for us.

"You get to see the other parts of the RV!" she told us with a giggle.

"See actually that's not even a very good incent-" Mooon Man began to interject, but Tanezumi interrupted him.

"Yeah Steve tried to turn you off to it by comparing it to shitty phone aps, but as Billy Mays would say, 'WAIT! There's more!'" she imitated the late infomercial salesperson. "Not only will you see some more rooms of the RV, if you murder someone and you don't get caught, I have big cash rewards for you on top of a free new car!"

"So you're saying that we will be free, rich, and driving luxuriously?" Villefoe asked.

"Yeah!" Tanezumi giggled. "Also, since I'm such a nice gal, I hid some Tanezumi statues around the RV equipped with information and immunity to fear games! Hurray!" Tanezumi cheered before putting her hands on her hips. "Alright, just let that sink in! … literally!" and with that she disappeared

Before anyone could even say or do anything, however, an actual sink walked into the room. Literally an actual sink. I had to rub my eyes and shake my head a few times to make sure my eyes were not deceiving me, but it was a sink. It sat itself between Riley and Honey, who were staring at it with skepticism in their eyes. It just sat there, out of place and awkward, for a bit. As soon as everyone went back to their dinner, the sink made a sickening vomiting sound before spurting blood out of its spout at full force. The blood shout out fast and began to cover everyone at the table, including me. I wanted to cover myself, but I didn’t even do anything as I watched it spew out blood all over everyone as they panicked. I felt like I was in some kind of twisted dream as I watched Riley scream and fell over in his chair. Honey was covering her hair and shouting. Everyone else was trying to get out of their chairs, shouting and scrambling. Nac slipped and accidentally caught her flailing hand onto Villefoe's beard, sending him face first into the sink to the point he got a full face of blood. Nac was such an amazing klutz she accidentally slipped back with him and lost her wig in the blood pool in the sink. She screamed as she immediately put her arms over her wig and her actual short pixie cut.

I watched as everyone got drenched in blood, including myself. I just kinda let it drench me as I began to zone out. I heard ringing and I began to feel numb. The room began to darken it seemed and I couldn't help but wonder if all of this was really happening. Then I saw it, in the back of the room. It's eyes wide with blood smeared around it's mouth and snout. It began to smile at me, revealing sharp teeth. I've seen this thing before, but I do not know what it wants. It began to approach me before it opened its mouth and screamed. As soon as it screamed I felt myself shake as the room lightened and Ned was furiously shaking me.  

"Dude! C'mon we need to get out of here, man!" he frantically pulled me away.  

Everyone piled into the living room, covered in blood and shaking.

"W-What just happened?" Charlie asked, shivering and holding onto himself.

"TANEZUMI LET THAT SINK IN?!?!" Uncle Grandpa popped up out of no where and slapped his hands over his cheeks. "OH NO! SEE! THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T LET THAT SINK IN!"

"What the fuck is going on?!" Bromanor demanded answers.

"I know..." Chester narrowed his eyes.

"Who did it then?" Xarna asked.

"It's all Paul McCartney's fault!" Chester waved his finger accusingly into the air. "Paul McCartney disguised as that sink!"

"What?" Mooon Man slapped his hands against his forehead a few times. "Are you fucking kidding me?"

"What kind of butt fuck conclusion is that?" Ule Gapa angrily shouted at Chester.

"Hey! Don't yell at me! I'm just raising awareness! Paul McCartney is evil! He's probably disguised as that Tanezumi chick!" Chester defended himself.

"You're out of your FUCKING mind!" Ule Gapa screeched.

"No I'm not!" Chester growled. "Don't talk to me like that, ya hear?"

"I'LL TALK TO YOU HOW I FEEL I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, MOTHER FUCKER!" Ule Gapa's face became so red, veins popped out of his head.


"YOU MOTHER FUCKING DICK HEAD I WILL CHOKE YOU!" Ule shoved him back, fists shaking with rage.

"ENOUGH!!!" Honey came between them, trying to break up the fight. "We're not going to get anywhere if you keep fighting like this!"

"Who the fuck asked you, lady? Get your big tits out of the way!" Ule Gapa shoved her aside.

"HEY!" I yelled.

Honey stumbled and almost fell over, but was caught by Pizza Steve who had just walked into the room. After helping her up, he took his sunglasses off and angrily stared down Ule Gapa. I heard Riley scream and back into a corner hysterically.  

"IT'S BEHIND YOU" I heard him cry.

Steve only glanced at him before turning back to Ule Gapa.

"You listen here and you listen good" Pizza Steve began before violently grabbing and lifting up Ule Gapa by his shirt. "I don't EVER want to see that kind of shit again! Do you understand me? If you lay your goddamn fingers on anybody like that again I will CHOP off your GODDAMN hands so you literally can't ever do it again, mother fucker!"

Ule Gapa angrily stared at him, but you could tell he had fear in his eyes. After a moment, Steve let him go, causing the blue disgustoid to stumble back.

"Are you alright?" Steve asked Honey, putting his sunglasses back on.

"Y-Yes..." Honey blushed and put her hand behind her head as if to scratch her neck. "T-Thank you!"

Steve nodded before turning to Chester. "How about you?"

"I'm alright, just a little slighted and irritated." Chester sighed.

"Let's not have anymore fights. You're only doing what that rat wants, and you'll make Uncle G cry." Steve told us before nodding at Uncle Grandpa who was sobbing in the corner.

"Sorry Uncle Grandpa..."  Chester apologized.

"It's okay, Chester. I still love all of you!" Uncle Grandpa sniffled.

"We love you too, Uncle Grandpa!" Chester smiled.

"You should get cleaned up, you all look like used tampons!" Pizza  Steve laughed before pulling out an oregano blunt and lighting it.

"Pizza Steve!" Uncle Grandpa scolded.

Pizza Steve shrugged and took a hit in response. "I honestly can't stay sober long enough for this shit, Uncle G." and with that he walked out of the room, a trail of smoke behind him.  

Uncle Grandpa got up and followed.

We all went to our rooms after that to clean up. I immediately went into the bathroom and stripped myself of my blood soaked clothes, tossing them into the hamper and immediately turning on the shower. After the copious amounts of shit I had to go through and witness today, it felt relaxing just taking a simple hot shower. After washing myself, I just kinda stood there letting the water hit me. For once throughout this entire day, I felt relaxed and care free, but that was short lived when I felt a presence behind me. I slowly turned around to look and came face to face with that thing I saw in the dining room. It let out a loud scream in my ear, causing me to fall over and take the entire shower curtain with me. I hit my knee pretty badly and I felt like a complete idiot sprawled out on the floor wrapped in a shower curtain dubbed over in pain from my knee and the ringing in my ear.

After a bit, I finally picked myself up, threw the shower curtain down in frustration, shut off the shower, and dried myself off with a towel.

"Fucking bullshit" I muttered to myself. I felt like I was already in a fear game, but I've been seeing that crazy thing way before I came here. Ever since I played with a ouija board with Ned, I've been seeing that creature. I can never get a good look at it, but it wears all white, it has blood on its face, and it has horns. I'm not sure what it wants from me, but from time to time it likes to pop up and scare the absolute shit out of me by screaming in my ear. You'd think I'd be used to it by now if I've had this problem, but it comes so sporadically that I never know when to expect it and even if I do expect it, the screaming alone is enough to send me flying into the other wall.

I got dressed into pajamas before going to clean up the bathroom a bit. I'm not used to cleaning, so I did a sloppy job putting up the shower curtain and wiping up the floor, but it would have to do for now. I decided to keep my hair flopped over rather than attempt to spike it. It was late anyways and I just don't feel like spiking it right now. I left the room to grab a bowl of cereal. I glanced over at the clock to see it was almost time for us to go into our rooms for the night, so I figured grabbing a quick bowl of cereal wouldn't hurt. I had nothing to eat for dinner so I was hungry.

I went into the kitchen. Before I could look in a cabinet, I heard a voice behind me. "Would you like some assistance?" I heard a robotic voice asked me.  

I turned around and saw Tiny Miracle standing there with his usual eager face.  

"Uh, I just want some cereal" I told him.

"Coming right up!" Tiny Miracle told me before immediately and stylishly making me a bowl of my favorite cereal without me having to tell him what kind of cereal I wanted. He handed it to me when it was done.

"Thanks" I nodded before sitting down and scooping some up.

A moment later, Steve sat across from me, just staring at me and smoking his oregano.

"What?" I finally asked.

He took off his sunglasses and smirked at me. Or at least I thought he was smirking at me.

"You're just going to let this happen?" he asked.

"What?" I raised my eyebrow at him.

He actually looked at me and shushed me before shifting his gaze back in my direction.

"I can't talk much right now, but I guess I'll see you tonight. On another note, did you happen rip out another 'Nice Guy's' throat? I always love hearing about that." he asked.

Silence. Then he laughed.

"Good. Asshole fucking deserved it for subjecting a lady to that bullshit." Steve nodded before taking another hit of his oregano. "Mmmm it's been a pleasure speaking with you, but we'll have much more to discuss later."

He giggled before getting up. I stopped him, though.

"What the hell was that all about?" I asked.

"Someone has an interest in you. You should try to talk to that someone more often." he told me.

"That thing that screams in my ear?" I asked.

"That's a greeting" he laughed.

"Why me?" I asked.

"Relax" he told me before leaving.

Suddenly an announcement was heard over the loud speaker.


I shook my head before taking my last bite of cereal.  I briskly walked to my room. After that strange encounter with Steve, I didn't really want to be out and about. Before I could go into my room, I was stopped by Celeste, who was peaking out of her room. She put her sleeve over her face as I came by.

"O-oh..." she squeaked out. "T-There you are..."

"You were looking for me?" I asked.

"Well, I just..." her voice trailed off before she swallowed and cleared her throat. "I just wanted to thank you for earlier when you saved me from falling and got the book I really wanted to read."

"No problem!" I smiled. "As I told my buddy, Ned, helping people is punk rock!"

She giggled. "The book I picked is about beings who interact with each other through their different dimensions. It's quite interesting! It focuses mostly on a teenaged boy and a female apparition."

"Interesting" I told her like as if that were a very interesting topic  I haven't heard before, but I was getting sick of all this invisible ghost and paranormal shit.

"The boy is kinda scared of the girl right now, but the girl only wants to be his friend. The boy fears the girl wants to hurt him." she explained to me.

"Well maybe he wouldn't be so scared if the girl actually told him that she's not trying to hurt him and actually try to effectively communicate." I told her.

"It isn't so simple!" she frowned. "But she's trying. She just needs some time."

"I guess..." I nodded.

"Sorry for rambling! I just wanted to thank you!" she put her sleeve in front of her face again.

"No problem" I nodded and smiled.

"Good night!" she waved.

"Good night" I waved back.

She squeaked and immediately shut the door. I went into my room, making sure to lock the door. I sketched for a while until it was time for the fear games. When it was time, an announcement sounded as the TVs went on, revealing Tanezumi in a newscaster outfit.

Death On Wheels: Chapter 4
Who is this unlucky person to get picked for the fear game???
And who the fuck keeps screaming in Kev's ear????

Sarah Nac and Tanezumi (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

PREVIOUS: Death On Wheels: Chapter 3
Death On Wheels: Fear Game: Shit-Com
Honestly, I do not know what I was expecting when I opened the door, but I certainly wasn't expecting this. For a moment, the thing was in the corner of the closet curled up in a ball. Its once bright colors now dark and off-putting. The minute I opened the door the thing snapped its head up and looked at me. It looked like it had been crying, its clown make up running down its face.

"No fucking way..." I shook my head in disbelief.  

The thing suddenly gave me a look of anger as it began to open its mouth, revealing sharp teeth. It began hissing very loudly and slowly started to get up. I immediately shut the door and held it shut, making sure the thing didn't try to get out.  

"I wasn't aware Pennywise lived in the RV!" I told Ned, holding onto the door.  

"No kidding!" Ned was helping me keep the door closed.

"Really, asshole? You fucking spoil one of the fear game creatures?" Tanezumi appeared in front of us with her hands on her hips. "And his name's not Pennywise! It's Pogo the Sad Clown!"

"That's one of the fear game creatures?" Ned asked in disbelief.

"Yep! And I guess y'all will be seeing him tonight" Tanezumi giggled before angrily pointing to the campfire room. "Now go explore elsewhere, you fruit loop dinguses!" and with that she disappeared.

"I hope we don't get picked for that fear game!" Ned gulped.

"We should probably try to find some batteries just in case, though. It worked in the movie 'It'." I told him.

"Yeah, you're right. I hope they let us bring weapons" Ned nodded.

We walked over to the campfire room. Uncle Grandpa was sitting on one of the logs crying and eating pages out of a book. I honestly didn't want to stay and talk with him, but Ned nudged me. I knew why too, though I wasn't sure if it would be the right time to be asking him about what we came here for.

"Hey Uncle Grandpa..." I greeted reluctantly.

"Hello, Kev" Uncle Grandpa sobbed, popping a page into his mouth.

"Hey listen, I know it may not be a good time to ask, but-" I began to ask, but Uncle Grandpa narrowed his eyes at me before interrupting.

"Is that what this is all about?" Uncle Grandpa asked me suspiciously.

"You know?" I asked.

Uncle Grandpa sighed before holding his forehead. "No no no, Kev. Listen, just give up on it. It's a dead issue."

"But-" Ned began to speak but Uncle Grandpa put his finger to his lips.

"No! Please! There's already enough trouble around here, we don't need any more." Uncle Grandpa told us before angrily stomping off with his book into another room.

I sighed and leaned up against the wall, pulling out a cigarette from my pocket. "I don't know how he knew, but I really don't like that answer."

"Yeah, bro, that was a complete bummer." Ned sighed.

I put the cigarette in my mouth before taking out my lighter. "There's more to this RV tour than he's letting us in on, and I intend to get to the bottom of it."

"Do you now?" I heard a voice ask. I looked over to see Villefoe grinning at me, a book in hand.  

"Yes, yes I do." I told him. "But what's it to you?"

"I just happened to overhear. Are you looking for something?" Villefoe asked.

"Yes, but it's nothing." I told him so he would stop pressing the issue.

"Very well" he seemed to get the hint. "Would you kindly share a lighter?" he asked before revealing a cigarette in his other hand.

"Sure, bro." I lit my cigarette before lighting his.  

"Thank you" the bear man nodded before walking away.  

That was a bit of a strange meeting, but I decided nothing would get done if I just stood in this room all day. I motioned for Ned to follow me into the next room, which was the famous kitchen/living room that is always shown on Uncle Grandpa's show. Tiger was in the kitchen with a robotic boy. It looked like they were cooking something.  

"Hey Tiny Miracle, could you pass me the butter?" Tiger asked.

"Sure thing!" the robotic boy handed her a stick of butter before she placed it in the bowl and began to furiously mix it.

She looked up at us, her bleak expression not changing. "I hope you don't want any cookies, because these are all for me."

"Tiger, perhaps we should share with the guests" Tiny Miracle suggested.

"I'm too stressed to share my cookies with the guests!" Tiger hissed. "They're all mine. And if Steve even comes near them I will personally eat him"

"I apologize for Miss Tiger's behavior, she is not in a good mood today" Tiny Miracle apologized for us.

"Understandably so" Ned nodded.

I saw Mr. Gus and Pizza Steve sitting on the couch. They looked pretty bummed out. I didn't really want to hear their complaints, though, so I just kept moving on. I followed the arrows into the next room, which looked like a giant dinner table with a bunch of chairs. I figured this is where we would eat our meals, if they feed us. I went on to the next room and found it was an arcade, which was pretty cool. Adam was on one of the arcade machines playing a game, of course. So was Nac, and unsurprisingly she was playing "Super Pizza Bros. 2". She was squealing the whole time too over the obviously ripped off game.

"I can't wait to upload screenshots to my website!" she giggled to herself

I shook my head. I saw Belly also playing a game. It still bothered me that he wasn't wearing a shirt. Not because he was chubby, but because he looked so out of place. I feel like an asshole for it bothering me as much as it did, but there's nothing I can do about it.

I went into the next room and saw a library. So far, this RV tour has been uneventful. I saw Anthony and Chester lost in the books they were reading. Celeste was in there too. She had climbed on top of a ladder to get to a book she wanted on the top shelf. She seemed to be struggling to reach it. Before I could offer any help, she began to lose her balance. She flailed her arms in a weak attempt to keep balance.

"Woah!" she squeaked.

I immediately rushed over to catch her.

"Hey! Be careful!" I told her as I caught her. "You could have gotten hurt, and that's the last thing we need right now."

She looked up at me. Her hair was flopped over enough that I could see her eyes, which were widened. Her cheeks were bright red. She let out a loud squeak before she put her sleeves over her face. I sighed.  

"Hey I know I look scary, but I'm not a monster! Stop being so scared of me!" I told her, trying to sound reassuring but sounding more annoyed instead.

"I-I'm not scared!" she buried herself deeper in her sleeves.

I gently put her down. Maybe she was embarrassed that she fell over?

"Do you want me to get the book for you?" I asked her.

She nodded.

I climbed up the ladder before looking down at her. "Which one is it?"

She pointed to the book she wanted and I took it down for her. After getting off the ladder I handed it to her.

"Here. Be careful next time. Ask for help when you need it." I told her.

She nodded before running away with her book covering her face.

"That was nice of you." Ned smiled.

"Yeah, being nice is punk rock" I told him, laughing.

Ned laughed with me.

We went on to the next room, which just seemed like a room full of bean bags. I saw Honey sitting on one of them and petting them, which I found a bit odd. But then I saw why she was petting it. It was an actual living creature.  

"What the heck?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Ssshh, not so loud! You don't want to startle them!" Honey told me.

"What are they?" Ned asked.

"Who knows? They're awfully cute though!" I saw Gabriella lying against one of the big creatures while cradling one of the smaller ones.

Austin stood in a corner of the room twiddling his fingers.

"I-I want to pet one, but I am afraid I will accidentally hurt it! I'm really clumsy!" he sighed.

"Just be careful when petting one" Honey reassured him. "You can do it!"

"Yeah, we believe in you!" Gabriella also reassured him.

Austin nodded before taking a gulp and crouching down to pet one of the creatures. Instead of successfully petting it, he ends up tripping over the creature some how, which frightened the creature and made it scurry away. Austin let out a sigh and buried his face in his hands.

"Aw man!" Austin sighed, feeling defeated.

I didn't really want to stick around to watch  Austin's failed attempts, so I went on to the next room. This room looked like a gym. I saw Bromanor and Xarna already lifting weights. They just got here and they are working out. I will never understand people who do that. I also saw Charlie bouncing around on one of the exercise balls, but I don't think he was trying to work out. Looked like he was just trying to play. He kept nudging the ball over to Xarna or Bromanor who would end up kicking it away and he'd just chase after it. Nothing too interesting here, so I went on to the next room, but rather than go into a room, I was met with a big locked door.

"Huh?" I scratched my head. "Why is this here?"

"I don't know,  I kind of want to know myself." I heard Mooon Man say. I looked over and saw him standing next to me looking at the door.

"As Tanezumi law states, you get access to more rooms when you kill each other" I heard Steve sigh from behind us. We looked over at him and he was leaning against the wall also holding what looked like a cigarette, but didn’t actually smell like one.

"So in order to look at the rest of the RV we have to kill?" I asked.

"Eeyup" Steve took a drag from the questionable cigarette. "I'm gonna try to override that though. That's ridiculous. You didn't come here to kill.  What the fuck does Tanezumi think this is? Literally no one wants to pay money to use a shitty app that should be free, clearly literally no one wants to kill people to look in another room. Sometimes I wonder why she comes up with this shit. If she wants money she's better off hosting bank heists" Pizza Steve laughed, exhaling a thick cloud of smoke. "It helped me buy the moon"

"You don't own the moon yet, you're still making payments" Mooon Man corrected him.

"I own the moon!"  Steve laughed again before taking a drag from what I now actually think is just a rolled up blunt. Was he seriously smoking marijuana?

"Lay off the oregano" Mooon Man gave him a smirk.

Steve made a kissy face to him in response before literally disappearing. I don't get it with these RV people and disappearing. Whatever.

"Oregano has the same effect on pizza people that marijuana has on humans." Mooon Man told me.

"So he was literally smoking oregano?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yeah." Mooon Man nodded.

"Nac would appreciate those factoids about him" I told him.

"No kidding" he giggled.  

Before we could do anything else, we heard a voice over the intercom.

"Attention everyone! Please report to the dining room!" a voice that sounded like Tiny Miracle's voice sounded.

I began to walk back to the dining room, with Ned and Mooon Man following behind me. Everyone piled into the dining room and sat down around the table. Tiny Miracle stood before us with a giant tray.

"Dinner is served!" he said.

"Dinner?  It's really that time?" Ned asked.

"Indeed!" Tiny Miracle told us. "It is 6 pm."

Tiny Miracle served us all plates of food, and strangely enough the plate I got was filled entirely with my favorite food. That freaked me out a bit. How did they know my favorite meals? First they have all of my usual stuff in my room, now they have my usual favorite foods too?

"Tanezumi will be in shortly to talk with all of you" Tiny Miracle told us before exiting the room.

"Wow! Chicken Nuggets for dinner? My favorite!" Nac giggled.

As everyone chowed away on their food. I just kinda picked at mine. Sure, I had a cheeseburger with crispy french fries on my plate, but I just wasn't in the mood to eat. There was too much going on. It seemed like everyone else was okay with the situation that has been presented, something just didn't feel right. Before I could get too lost in my thoughts, Tanezumi came in.

"Hello everyone I-" Tanezumi started before angrily crossing her arms. "Where the FUCK is Riley?"

Everyone immediately looked over at the empty chair where Riley should have been sitting.

"Maybe he didn't hear the announcement." Chester suggested.

"Someone get that asshole immediately!" Tanezumi hissed. "You were all specifically called to eat some goddamn food and listen to me talk!"

"Woah, hey, calm down." I told her. "He's probably in his room right now. He has agoraphobia."

"Well force him out of his room, then!" Tanezumi commanded. "He needs to get the fuck over himself."

"Hey, it's not easy getting over something like that!" Chester protested.  

"Yeah, give him a break!" Gabriella frowned.

"If you want, I can go bring him his food." Honey offered.

"NO!" Tanezumi slammed her hands on the table.

"Bring him out here NOW!" Tanezumi commanded again before pointing at me. "I want you to do it specifically!"

"Me?" I asked.

"You brought up the agoraphobia crap. Make him get over it!" Tanezumi hissed.

"I-" I went to protest, but she interrupted.

"If you do not get him I will MAKE SURE you are the first to experience the fear game tonight!" she threatened.

"Fine I'll go" I told her rolling my eyes and getting up.

"Good boy!" she encouraged me in a patronizing voice.

I sighed and walked down the hallway. I wanted to read the signs right this time, so when I was sure no one was watching I put on my glasses. That was a mistake because as soon as I did I saw Pizza Steve stumbling down the other side of the hallway and I knew he saw me. He approached me and looked me right in the face with a confused look.  He lowered his sunglasses before putting them back up.  

"Bro, you look like a fucking genius!" he told me before laughing.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

He just laughed in my face in response and stumbled away, taking a swig of what I assumed to be alcohol from a bottle he was holding. He was also still smoking oregano. There's something very wrong with that guy.

I walked over to the split hallways and read the signs. Riley was in the pink hallway from what the sign said, so I went down there and knocked on his door. When I was sure it was his door I took my glasses off.

"Hey Riley, Tanezumi wants all of us to attend dinner" I told him.

"No please! I can't!" Riley pleaded with me through the door. "Please don't make me come out!"

"It's okay, Riley. It's just dinner! They're serving everyone's favorites.  I bet they have your favorite." I tried to reassure him.

"I-I'm not hungry! Please!" Riley told me.

"C'mon! We're gonna get in trouble if you don't come!" I was getting a little impatient.

"Since when did you care about that?" Riley asked me.

"Since the fear games were announced I really don't want to get chased around by shitty monsters in the RV it seems stupid!" I hissed back. "Now c'mon!"

Riley cracked open his door and he peered through the crack. "Steve isn't here is he?"

"No, why?" I asked.

"Something is following him! I see it! He's trying to find me!"  Riley began to cry.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"You wouldn't understand. Just PLEASE keep me away from Steve. I don't want that thing to see me!" Riley instructed me.

"Alright I'll make sure Steve leaves you alone! Just c'mon!" I reassured him.

"Thank you!" Riley nodded before opening his door. He checked all around before quickly coming out and shutting the door. He held onto my jacket as if hiding from the world.  

I sighed and moved forward. Slowly but surely we would get there. I saw Steve stumbling into another room, which is good because  I don't need Riley seeing him and freaking out. I wonder what he meant by the thing following Steve? I don't see anything. Maybe that was Riley's extreme fears talking.

I got into the dining room and showed Riley to his chair. He quickly sat down and avoided eye contact with everyone. I returned to my seat as well.

"Now that you're all here, I have a few things I wanna go over..." Tanezumi began
Death On Wheels: Chapter 3
Long chapter is long
what the heckle deckle is following Pizza Steve???? Is Riley just crazy???? Who even knows?????

Sarah Nac and Tanezumi (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

PREVIOUS: Death On Wheels: Chapter 2
Death On Wheels: Chapter 4

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