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+Hate Uncle Grandpa to the point you want it canceled or make shitty memes about it
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Because chances are I'm gonna call you out on what a shitty fuck you are so don't even bother talking to me if you're any of those.

I am Sarah Nac and I AM BACK, BITCHES
I am also known as "Nac", "Nabby-Doo", "Mama Zombie", "Mother Zombie", SNAC, "Sweet Miss Sunshine Cyanide", "Naccy Hensletter", "Naccy Minaj", "Bucky", "Pizza Steve", and very rarely "Izzy" or "Mama Luigi"
I enjoy many things
my current fandom is Uncle Grandpa with side fandom enjoyments of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Pacific Rim, Ratboy Genius, and Dangan Ronpa
Previous fandoms I enjoyed and still do enjoy and you might still see fanart from me from are South Park, Fanboy and Chum Chum, The Lorax, Godzilla, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Homestuck, and Dan Vs. ((i prolly enjoy others but this is kind of the ones I remember))
I am currently in a relationship <3 with :iconstaticman5000:
I am an atheist
I am a feminist
I love horror, gore, and zombies
I'm a misanthrope AND a romantic
I really love to laugh, I like funny stuff alot.
Watch me here, and if you have a tumblr follow me there too - mainblog - art and concepts blog that I update more often than this page
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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 5:40 PM

Since a user who was in the contest has disappeared, so there would be no way for me to properly credit them, here is the new list of runner ups that will be mentioned in GOA 2: Death on Wheels

Elly by CresentCake
Coco Marie Drillo by LoveSweetLOVE2155

I will be drawing busts of these characters soon
Just a refresher here are the list of the honorable mentions:
Tinley by Shenanistorm
Rose Lily Peach by TheAwesomeGirl
Briana Hill by horohorogirl666
Elly by CresentCake
Coco Marie Drillo by LoveSweetLOVE2155

Congratulations to my new honorable mentions!
What I'm going to be doing with these honorable mentions is adding them to the tales from Tanezumi's Statues. These characters will be achieving great things!

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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
   "NAC!" Tanezumi cackled as she announced the next victim. The screen shifted to Nac's room. Nac was sitting in her bed when the camera shifted. The room began to transition from looking normal to looking dull, destroyed, and absolutely dirty. There were some piles of garbage lying around. Nac became a bit distressed upon seeing the garbage, immediately throwing the covers off herself to inspect the bed. I wasn't sure why she would do that at first, but when I heard her scream a blood curdling scream  I understood. There were cockroaches in her bed.

   She screeched and jumped out of her bed, swatting herself all over. She began to cry, still screaming about the bugs. I figured she'd be done by now considering it shouldn't be that bad, but I considered maybe she had some kind of fear of bugs. After the intense amount of screaming, which seemed to last forever, she went silent and immediately crying could be heard coming from the bathroom. It sounded like the cries of a baby.

   Nac reluctantly walked toward the bathroom. When she went in, you could see the bathroom was filthy too. Nac gagged upon entering, putting her shirt over her nose to try and block out the smell.  She would screech and jump when she saw a cockroach skitter by. In the corner of the dirty bathroom, there was a small and frail figure hunched over facing the wall. This figure was making the crying baby noises.

   "What the-" Nac stood in place. She didn't want to approach it, clearly.

   "Why do you hate me?" the figure asked.

   "What?" Nac asked again. "I don't..." before she could answer, the figure spoke again.

   "Why do you hate me, Mommy?" the figure asked again.

   Nac stumbled back. "No!" she yelled out. "No no no no!" Nac began to cry again.

   The figure stood up at this point, but was still facing the wall. "Why do you hate me,  Mommy? Why do you want to get rid of me?" the figure asked, seemingly demanding an answer but the voice was still wispy and weak.

   "I can't!" Nac shook her head. "I can't do it!"

   "Mommy, if you don't want me..." the figure's voice began to change from wispy and light to deep and demonic. "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SO IRRESPONSIBLE!"

   Nac let out a scream before her entire surroundings began to materialize from existence. Soon, Nac was floating in mid air, and the figure was still facing away from her. After a few moments, the scene began to dissolve into what looked like a hospital room. Nac was in one of those hospital gowns with her arms strapped down to the table and her legs spread apart on stirrups. Nac began to hyperventilate upon realizing the position she was in.

   "No please!" she began to cry. "Not now!"

   "I'm coming for you, Mommy!" the voice sounded through the room.

   Nac began to scream in agony at this point. To the point she was red in the face. I saw a clawed hand come out from under her gown and blood began to spurt out everywhere. I turned my head away from this, as it was way too graphic and I never wanted to watch birth happen. I would occassionally turn my head back only to see whatever was crawling out of her continue to crawl out of her while she screamed in complete agony. I never liked Nac, but this was too much. I would have never wished this on anyone, even her. She didn't deserve this.

   After hearing screaming and gory sounds, the birthing scene was done. Nac collapsed on the medical bed, trying to catch her breath while sobbing. Her "baby" was on top of her belly now. It was a disgusting bloody mess and didn't even look human. It was a sickly green color with black hair, a giant nose, and long claws.

   Nac looked down at her baby and just weeped weakly. The baby just stared back at her with yellow eyes.

   "You look like-" Nac finally spoke.

   "Sssshhh" the baby put its long finger up against her mouth. It crawled closer to her, so that its face was just inches away from hers.

   "I hate you, Mommy." the baby said before it opened its mouth, letting bugs spill out onto Nac. Nac looked like she wanted to scream, but was way too spent to. She just kept crying as cockroaches crawled all over her, literally just giving up. It actually hurt a little to see her like that. She was such a passionate and energetic person and here she was just giving up. It definitely wasn't like her at all to be like that.

   And then it was all over. The bugs were gone and so was the baby. Nac was in normal clothes and not a bloody mess in a hospital gown. The room went back to normal and was clean and bug free. The minute Nac realized this, she jumped to her feet and checked her bed before running into the bathroom and shutting the door.

   The screen then shifted to Tanezumi. "Hope y'all enjoyed the fear game! Have a good night!"
Death on Wheels: Fear Game: The Filthy Child
I'm gonna be like 100% honest right now
I had a very hard time writing this
I am deathly afraid of giving birth and also cockroaches
I need to lie down and not think about this chapter

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, Emoji, Ramona, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont and Tinley (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

PREVIOUS: Death on Wheels: Chapter 12
Coming Soon
"Asking me the same thing?" Nac clenched her fists. "Why are you spying on me? Don't you have anything better to do?"

   I looked over at the computer. The chubby boy was just watching. He gave me that same look of superiority, looking down at me like as if I was garbage. It was starting to tick me off to say the least.

   "Who is that?" I finally asked her.

   She seemed a bit taken back by my questions. She quickly went to shut the computer screen off. "No one! It's the source of that stupid broni friendzoni who won't leave me alone!" she answered.

   "Broni friendzoni?" I raised my eyebrow.

   "YES! You know, bronies who cry about the friendzone?" she told me with a frustrated look on her face. There was a hint of discomfort and sorrow in it though.

   "Why would a 'broni friendzoni' hack an entire database just to contact you?" I asked her. "That doesn't sound very realistic"

   "You don't sound very realistic!" she retorted immaturely.

   "I don't think he'd appreciate you calling him that, didn't he ask you not to?" I asked her with a sly grin.

   She burst out crying in that moment. "WHY WON'T YOU LEAVE ME ALONE?"

   "Woah!" I immediately felt bad. Even if I didn't like the girl, I didn't want to make her cry. I just wanted her to explain herself. "Please don't cry! I just want to know what's going on."

   "I do too, Kev! Don't you think we ALL want to know what's going on?" she sobbed. "My entire life is crumbling apart and I have lost control!"

   "YOU'RE world? I had to witness my best friend's mangled body killed by some sick furry freak who hates some old Beatle's member to some obsessively sickening point. I can't sleep at night because I have horribly vivid nightmares that freak me the fuck out! You're not the only one with fucking problems, Nac!" I lashed out at her. Her statement angered me. Not that it was out of place for her to feel that way, but she isn't the one who lost a best friend and has been kept up with nightmares for days. "I mean what problems do you even have?"

   "I understand and I'm sorry you lost your best friend, but that's not the only thing to have nigtmares about!" she began to speak, looking away before tearing up again and shooting me an angry look. "No, you know what? Fuck you! I don't have to tell you shit! You hate me, but you know NOTHING about me and what I could possibly be going through right now!"

   "Ughh!" I let out a frustrated sigh. "I don't hate you, I just find you irritating. You may not have to tell me anything, but it just seems really fucking odd that you're talking to a computer program that we just discovered today like as if you've known it for a long time!"

   Nac crossed her arms and glared at me in response. "It doesn't matter! I'm not behind any of this! All I wanted was a nice RV tour, but I got trapped in a disaster!" She then uncrossed her arms and briskly began to walk out of the room. She turned around once at the door. "Don't try to talk to him anymore, he doesn't like you!" she told me before leaving.

   I didn't even care, I immediately went onto that stupid computer, turned it on, and began typing. "What's the deal with you and Nac" I wrote.

   "FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU!" he replied back before forcing the screen to go black.

   I tried to turn it back on, but it wouldn't turn on for me. I gave up and left. I really needed to rest, anyways. I went straight to my room and lied in bed for maybe an hour. Maybe two. I lost track.  I tried sleeping but that energy drink infused coffee I drank was keeping me wide awake. If I didn't get murdered by some asshole in this place, I was most likely going to die from exhaustion.

   Suddenly, the television set turned on and a blaring sound filled the room. I shot up and covered my ears. Soon the noise stopped and Tanezumi appeared on the screen with a smile.

   "So I set up a confession booth in the rollerblading room earlier! Thanks for everyone who participated! Now to see what all the house guests are saying about each other!" she giggled.

   The camera panned to Honey sitting in a confession booth. Her full name was spelled out at the bottom of the screen with the title "Concerned Pizza Fan" underneathe it. She looked frustrated as she stared into the camera.

   "You know, I LOVE Pizza Steve with all my heart. He's such a beautiful and talented person. Which is why I don't understand why he is bothering with Mooon Man! I mean, Mooon Man doesn't even care about him the way that I do! Mooon Man only cares about himself and here's Pizza Steve chasing after him like a lost puppy! You can do better than that, Steve! There are people who actually care about you, like me!" she confessed into the camera. "Charlie also tries way too hard to get Steve's attention, and Nac needs to chill with her blog stuff."

   The camera went to another screen which had Mooon Man sitting in the confession booth. His name was also on the bottom of the screen with the title "Ex-Boyfriend" under it.

   "Steve is trying a little too hard to get my attention. I don't know how to feel about that." he stated, inspecting his nails. "I mean he has all these people throwing themselves at him, but he chooses to pay the most attention to me. I mean I'm flattered, but... yeah..."

   The camera went to another screen which had Belly sitting in the confession booth. His name was on the bottom of the screen with the title "Friendzoned" under it.

   "I tried to talk to Honey, but she kept skating away from me. I tried to talk to Nac, but she ran to the computer room. I tried to talk to Gabriella, but she ignored me and talked to Eddie instead. How come no one likes me? Uncle Grandpa said if I embrace my big belly I'd feel better about myself, but I still haven't been able to get any girls to like me!" he sighed.

   The camera panned back to Tanezumi. "Thank you all for your wonderful submi-" she stopped mid sentence before a smile spread on her face. "What's that? We have more footage?"

   The camera panned to Honey in the confession booth again. Her eyes looked different as she angrily stared into the camera. "Mooon Man is awful! I hate him! I want him to get murdered next!" she hissed. "STAY AWAY FROM PIZZA STEVE!" she screamed before the camera went static and then the TV shut completely off.

   Apparently some shit was going down while I was lying in bed. I decided to rejoin everyone to see what was going on. I could only imagine full blown out chaos ensuing.

   I left my room and walked over to the main areas. I heard people yelling from the hallway.

   "Are you fucking serious? Why would you say something like that?" I heard Mooon Man's voice angrily shout.

   "I didn't say that! Tanezumi edited that! But I stand by what I said about you and Pizza Steve!" she replied.

   I went over and saw Xarna holding back Mooon Man and Bromanor holding back Honey. Everyone else stood and watched.

   "You don't know shit about what went on between Pizza Steve and I, fucking butt out of it you fake blonde bitch!" he hissed.

   Honey gasped. "Excuse me? Coming from some platinum blond wannabe, I'd shut up if I were you!"

   Mooon Man tried to go at her, but Xarna held him in place. "Oh yeah, bitch? I ain't the one wishing death on people like some dumbass tramp!"

   Honey began to tear up. "HOW DARE YOU! You're a disgusting piece of shit, a liar, and a fake with bad fashion sense!"

   "Right back at ya, YVONNE!" Mooon Man sarcastically and purposely mispronounced her name.

   Honey tried to go at him but Bromanor held her back.

   "That's enough, you two!" Xarna scolded them. "We have more things to worry about than petty nonsense!"

   "Petty nonsense?" Mooon Man hissed. "You think DEATH WISHES are PETTY NONSENSE?"

   "No, but you're fighting over a boy. That's petty as fuck." Xarna retorted back, shutting him down. Honey, however, had something to say about that.

   "What would you know if it's petty? Have you felt the pain it causes?" Honey asked her.

   "No because I don't care enough to put myself in a position like that. I battle aliens, I don't have time for boys!" Xarna told her.

   "Who has time for boys when you could be partying anyways?" Bromanor asked.

   "She's got the right idea!" Mooon Man grinned. "Honey can sob over Pizza  Steve liking me better than her, I'll just do me!"

   Honey tried to fight against Bromanor's restraint to get at Mooon Man, but to no avail. After a moment, the dinner announcement chimed through the RV.

   "Do we have to escort you to the dining hall, or will you behave?"  Xarna asked them.

   "I'll behave!" Mooon Man told her.

   Honey didn't reply. Xarna let Mooon Man go and he walked off to the dining hall. Bromanor then let Honey go, who didn't readily go off to the dining hall, but instead went to go see Riley who was huddling in the corner.

   As we walked to the dining hall, Celeste ran up to me. "Kev, you totally missed it!" she began.

   "What the fight? I saw it." I told her.

   "No! The desert! I wish you came with me! I found this!" she put something in my hand. It was a key.

   "Where do you think it leads?" I asked her.

   "Perhaps that door that was locked that we couldn't get into" Celeste told me. "We should check it out!"

   "Yeah!" I nodded. "Good job finding this!"

   "I also found this!" she handed me a paper. "It's pretty interesting, you should give it a read when you get the chance!"

   "I will" I told her, putting the piece of paper in my pocket.

   At dinner, Mooon Man and Honey passive aggressively said things about each other to the people they were talking with loud enough so the other could hear.

   "Can you believe that hoe? We got a potential murderer on the loose!" Mooon Man told Charlie.

   "He thought he was the coolest person in the universe! LMAO!" Honey told Riley.

   Mooon Man glared at her. "She so fake lmao everyone should stay away from her!" he told Charlie.

   "He's a giant slut shamer and wears ugly clothes!" Honey told Riley.

   "She got some nerve talkin' shit, bruh" he told Charlie.

   "Copying Pizza Steve's shades!" she told Riley.

   Pizza Steve walked into the room, but when he saw the fighting, he left.

   "You know, some of us would like to actually ENJOY our meal and not hear some blubbering idiot cry about a clip Tanezumi edited!" Honey said out loud.

   "You know, some of us would like to actually not look at you, but here you are!" Mooon Man snapped back at her.

   "ENOUGH!" Nac stood up and screamed. She began to bang on the table. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! WHO THE FUCK CARES? THIS IS SOME HIGH SCHOOL SHIT! SOME OF US ARE DEALING WITH WAY MORE AND ALL I HEAR IS YOUR GUMS FLAPPING AND I AM TIRED OF IT!" she took the food on her plate and threw one scoop at Honey and one at Mooon Man.

   The food hit Honey in the face. She gasped out loud and put her arms out to her side. Mooon Man did the same thing when the food hit him in the face.

   "FOOD FIGHT!" Adam yelled before taking his dinner plate and smashing it into Belly's face.

   Utter chaos broke out in the dining hall. Everyone began to fling food at each other. Uncle Grandpa even joined in, swinging from the ceiling and throwing food. I decided to join in too. I threw some of my food at various people. I hit Akira, Gabriella, and Charlie with some food. I then threw a piece at Nac, which hit her right in the stomach. The minute she felt that, she let out a loud scream and looked in my direction.

   "YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!!" she belted out, almost inhumanly. She grabbed an entire bowl of mashed potatoes and smashed it over my head before running out of the room crying.

   I fell over when she knocked me over the head. Celeste came to my aid.

   "Are you alright?" she gasped, removing the bowl from my head and trying to clean up the mashed potatoes.

   I held my head, which was now throbbing. "Eh, could be worse." I told her. "I wasn't really expecting that reaction from her, though."

   "Let's go, there's too much chaos" Celeste said.

   I nodded in agreement and followed her out of the dining hall. Tiny Miracle was sitting in the kitchen, hanging his head down.

   "They're making such a mess! It'll take me all night to clean all that!" he sighed.

   Pizza Steve was sitting in the booth with his head in his hands. I decided to approach him.

   "So what's up with all the drama about you?" I asked him.

   "I didn't expect it and I honestly don't like it." he told me. "I like attention, but not like this."

   "Understandable" Celeste nodded. "Are you going to do anything about it?"

   "What would I do about it, though?" he asked. "Tell Honey I'm interested in all my fans equally? That's not gonna do shit!"

   "She seemed so chill. What made her say that horrible thing about Mooon Man where she wants him to get murdered?" I asked.

   "That..." Pizza Steve sighed. "Look, if anyone dies because of me I don't know what I'm gonna do. This is awful I can't believe I'm reliving this horror again. I witnessed enough death to last me a lifetime. I'm fucking good!"

   "What do you mean?" Celeste asked. "This happened before?"

   Pizza Steve looked up at us with a stern look on his face. "It's hard to explain so I'd rather you not ask me about it, ok?" he looked down again and sighed. "I can't help my feelings. I mean, if Honey wants to be with me or whatever that's cool all she has to do is ask and be okay with my other relationships."

   "What?" I gave him a confused look.

   "I'm polyamorous and have tons of girlfriends. Ramona and Tinley are my main gals, though" he smiled. "I would love to add Honey and Mooon Man into my relationship circle too, but I can't have this fighting."

   "Why don't you tell them that?" I asked.

   "Honey seems to want to be monogamous, which kinda sucks but not everyone is polyamorous." he explained. "And Mooon Man and I have been on and off for years."

   "But if you explained this to them they might stop fighting." Celeste suggested.

   "I guess it doesn't hurt to try." he shrugged. "I'll tell them when the chaos in there dies down. If someone hits me with food there's gonna be hell to pay."

   "While they're all fighting in there, wanna check out that room?" Celeste asked.

   "Sure, why not?" I shrugged, pulling out the key.

   "Hey I hate to burst you adventure bubble, but until the next hallways unlocked that door isn't gonna open for you" Steve told us.

   "So you're saying someone else needs to die?" I asked.

   "Unfortunately, but I wouldn't wanna go in there if I were you." he told us.

   "Why not?" Celeste asked.

   "Trust me!" Pizza Steve said.

   "Alright, wanna go roller skating?" she asked me.

   "Nah, my head hurts." I shook my head.

   "I already explored the desert" she tapped her chin.

   "We can play video games" Pizza Steve grinned.

   "I'm not very good at it"  Celeste admitted.

   "Its easy! All you do is button mash!" he told her before getting up. "C'mon!"

   I thought we were going to follow him to the arcade, but instead we followed him to his room. In one of his rooms, there was a giant TV with a game console and some controllers. He handed us a controller each before sitting down in a bean bag chair.

   "Make yourselves at home" he told us.

   "How come your letting us play video games in your room?" I asked.

   "No one wants to play with me..." Pizza Steve answered. It almost sounded really sad, but then he spoke again. "because I'm the video game master and people get sick of losing!"

   "We'll see how good you REALLY are" I smirked.

   "I'm so good you're gonna cry!" he bragged.

   "Oh it's on!" I told him, tapping my fingers across the buttons to warm up.

   We played all kinds of video games with Pizza Steve and it was actually alot of fun. I forgot about all the fights and crazy stuff happening just hanging out with Celeste and Pizza Steve. He wasn't actually as great at video games as he said he was, but he made excuses for himself like "I'm just warming up" or "you got lucky!"

   We lost track of the time, but before I knew it the night time announcements sounded. Tanezumi reminded us to stay awake for the fear games.

   "That was alot of fun!  Thanks for playing with me" Pizza Steve smiled.

   "No problem!" Celeste smiled right back. I just nodded.

   "Good luck tonight." He told us. "Whatever happens, stay strong. I know those games can get really scary, but you're stronger than that."

   Both Celeste and I smiled. I didn't think Pizza Steve could be cool like that, and I'm glad I was able to see that side of him. We said our goodbyes and walked back to our rooms. Yet another night of fear games.

   When it was time, the announcement came on. "AND THE UNLUCKY PICK IS..."
Death on Wheels: Chapter 12
Shit is going down
Drama Llamas

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, Emoji, Ramona, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont and Tinley (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

PREVIOUS: Death on Wheels: Chapter 11
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After their initial meeting, Nac's made it a daily routine to talk to Mike on Skype. It started out with joke exchanges, where they try to one up each other with different internet fad jokes. Over time, however, their topics of conversation became a bit more than joke exchanges. They would send each other written reviews of Uncle Grandpa episodes, analyzing every scene that has ever happened in the show in great detail. Even though his were negative reviews, they didn't bother her as much because of how closely he paid attention to Uncle Grandpa just to make the review. They'd speak of other shows as well. They even began to discuss social and political matters despite his lack of interest in such human affairs. They'd also join forum sites under fake usernames just to rile up stupid people and share their experiences with each other afterwards.

After a month, she began to sneak out of her house to hang with him, where they would just sit on their laptops browsing the web, laughing about memes, and discussing various topics. She never would have thought she would have been able to speak with him let alone hang out with him regularly like this when she initially went to find him. Nac constantly pats herself on the back for having the brilliant idea to save him from his stone prison.

Unfortunately, though, her other relationships began to suffer. Since she wanted nothing more than to just hang out with Mike for the rest of her free time, she barely spoke with Austin anymore. He tried contacting her to see what was up but she'd just give him one word responses. Her mother would try to talk to her but she would be short with her too, and get impatient if she had chores that were taking longer than usual. She spent most of her free time updating her blog and speaking with or seeing Mike, and that's all she wanted. Anyone trying to keep her from that would be met with frustrated one-worded responses. Even a boy she had in mind to potentially date she blew off for Mike.

After about two months, she began to realize why she didn't want to speak to anyone else and only be with Mike. She had fallen in love with him, and she had no idea how it could have happened. She went from hating his guts for being mean to Uncle Grandpa to enjoying his company to forming an infatuation with him in the span of a few months, and this feeling just wanted to make her puke. Not that it was wrong to have feelings, but she knew he was an actual troll. Could humans even date trolls? Would he even feel the same way? Would her feelings ruin their friendship? What would Uncle Grandpa think if he saw her infatuated with a troll who bullied him on the internet? She kept her feelings secret from Mike at first, even if it pained her.

One day when she was over his house, they were discussing an episode of Uncle Grandpa. Mike pulled the episode up on his laptop so they could watch it a bit before the discussion. While they were watching, Nac couldn't help but look over at him and think about what it would be like if she just grabbed his face and crashed her lips into his.

"Okay see here" he began, pausing the video. "This is stupid. Uncle Grandpa is supposed to be such a great and awesome being, but look how obsessively he's after his friend, Pizza Steve! Not like Steve is a good friend anyways, but I mean Uncle Grandpa needs to resepct boundaries! But noooo that stupid old man sends this shit slice to the moon! What th-"

She began to imagine things during his rant. How his bottom lip would taste as she suckled on it. It would certainly taste like cheeto dust, and that sounded delicious to her. She wanted to lick that cheese ring right off his lips. She imagined feeling his chubby body all around and him feeling her body all around too. How it would feel if he just pulled up her skirt and grabbed her ass while she straddled his lap. How amazing it would feel if he grabbed her breasts while making out with her. She imagined shoving her hands down his pants and passionately groping him.

"HEY!" he called out to her, snapping his fingers. "Wake up! I'm asking you a question! Were you even listening to me?"

Nac snapped out of her thoughts, staring at him with wide eyes. "Uh..." Nac tried to remember what he was talking about. She darted her eyes over to the computer.  He stopped at the scene where Uncle Grandpa strapped Pizza Steve to a rocket ship while he was sleeping to send him to the moon. "Uh Bezt Frendz wasn't an episode I enjoyed as much..." she finally answered, hoping that would answer whatever question he may have asked her prior to her daydreaming about him.

"Are you alright?" he asked her, feeling her head. "Are you broken? Should I call tech support? How do you fix a human?"

Though she could tell he was genuinely worried, she could also tell he was throwing his usual snarky and sarcastic jokes when he asked her if she was broken. She couldn't imagine how he wouldn't know how humans work by now, that would just be silly.

"I-I'm fine" she lied, trying to hide the blush that formed over her face when he felt her head.

"You don't seem fine" he saw through her facade. "You look red."

Nac buried her face in her hands. "I-I don't know what you're talking about"

Mike rolled his eyes. "Tell me what's wrong!" he pouted, trying to get an answer from her. "You don't usually zone out when it comes to talking about Uncle Grandpa!"

"Well I've had stuff on my mind" Nac told him vaguely, though she wasn't ready to tell him what exactly.

"What kinda stuff?" he asked, giving her a look of curiosity.

"Just stuff..." she replied vaguely again.

He squinted at her. "So what? You're literally thinking about random items lying about on the floor? Or maybe packed up in a box?" he gave her a sly and mischievous grin. "Perhaps an item that you could... STUFF"

Nac giggled. "Don't take what I say so literally! I'm just thinking about certain things in my life and what I should or shouldn't do. I-It's hard to explain."

"You're great at explaining Uncle Grandpa, I'm sure you can describe what your feeling." he told her.

"Well thank you" she told him, not answering the other part of his statement in hopes that he'd just move on to the next topic.

He sighed. "Well I can't make you say anything, but if I re-explain what I was talking about before you zoned out, do you promise not to zone out again?"

"I-I like somebody!" she told him bluntly and hastily. Maybe if he just knew vague details they could move on to a different subject.

"Okay?" he seemed a bit taken back by the statement, maybe even a bit annoyed. "That Stacy chick? Didn't you tell me you stalked her Face Hole and found out she was straight and most likely wouldn't want to date you?"

"You remember that?" Nac seemed surprised.

"Of course I remember! I actually listen whether or not I'm interested in the subject." he told her. "I don't zone out like you!"

She stuck her tongue out at him.

"How juvenile" he laughed.

"Well, it's not Stacy. I'm over that already. I didn't think I had a chance anyways." she told him honestly.

"Well then who is it?" he asked. He still seemed rather annoyed.  She wasn't sure if it's because he didn't care for the answer or if he did care about the answer.  It looked like he wouldn't care, but at the same time he seems pretty curious to know who it is.

"You probably aren't interested in the answer." she told him, trying to casually pass it off.

He slapped his hand against his cheek and gave her a frustrated grunt. "I wouldn't be ASKING if I didn't want to know the answer, dingus!"

"You seem annoyed, though" she bit her lip. She wanted to tell him so bad but at the same time she was so scared of losing his friendship if he wasn't interested.

"Is it Lisa?" he asked. "Isn't she straight too?"

"Well no it's not Lisa and yes she's straight, it's hard to find queer girls, but I can assure you my crush is not a girl." she told him.

"Was it that dude who wanted to court you or something? I thought you stopped answering his texts?" he kept on guessing.

"No it's not him! I don't care about him!" she told him.

Mike tugged at his greasy hair in frustration. "What the fuck??? Who is it??? Is it Kev??"

"Ew no!" she shrieked. "He's my rival! I like someone close to me!"

"Austin??????" he gasped. "He's to shy to date though!"

"No not Austin!" she slapped her hand into her face and sighed before looking up at him. "Why do you care about the answer so much?"

"Because I know exactly what the answer ISN'T and THAT'S what FRUSTRATES ME!" he suddenly burst out, clear irritation is his voice.

She blinked a bit giving him a surprised look before giving him a skeptical one. "Okay? Then who ISN'T the person I like?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"Well CLEARLY me! Duh!" he told her like as if she should know that.

"She dropped her arms and stared at him in shock. "WHAT?!" her mouth fell open.

"Well I'm a troll, and trolls aren't really known for their charming good looks. My human form isn't even attractive and I do that on purpose." he told her.

"Trolls can be charming" she corrected him, a blush forming on her face.

He laughed. "Yeah okay!" he sarcastically replied.  

"But let's say that your exclusion is right, in a hypothetical sense," she began her question. "why does knowing that frustrate you?"

He paused for a moment, biting his lip and staring at her wide eyed. He then looked away and sighed.

"Here it goes," he mumbled something to himself before looking back at her. "I-I..." he looked away again. His cheeks were turning red, but he was trying to hide it from her. "I like you okay!" he said it quietly and quickly.

Nac's jaw dropped. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. He liked her too? "M-Mike I," her voice trailed off.

"You're not interested, but you're flattered." he asked frustratedly before sighing and sitting down on his bed next to his laptop. "I know."

"T-That's not what I was going to say!" she snapped.

"Well whatever you were gonna say it's rejection so I guess you can just leave if you want now that you know that over the few months we've been getting to know each other I've developed strong feelings for you." he told her bringing his knees up to his chest and waving her away.

"Mike!" she began to tear up. "Why are you saying all this? Don't you want to know the real answer?"

"Why would you want to tell me? Didn't I just creep you out?" he asked.

"Because you're the closest person to me" she told him. "And I want you to take back what you said about yourself."

He looked up at her, his face red as a beet and hair disheveled. "What do you mean?" he seemed skeptical.

Nac couldn't take it anymore. She jumped on top of him and grabbed his face. "Mike!" she squished his cheeks together. "I mean that I like you! I too have developed feelings these past few months and you're all I think about and I've been so afraid to tell you!"

Mike just stared up at her, not saying a word. After a moment, he sat up, accidentally shifting her into a straddle position on top of him, but neither of them really noticed in that moment. "Do you really mean that?" he finally asked her.

"Of course I do, Mike!" she answered. "I wouldn't lie to you!"

They sat in silence staring at each other for a bit longer. Mike's gaze wandered over to her lips. When Nac noticed this, she took this opportunity to do what she has wanted to do this entire time. She brought her lips closer to his, wanting desperately to just go for it, but she was a bit nervous. She could tell he was a bit nervous too and she didn't want to push anything. She moved closer and her lips were just inches away from his.

"I've never kissed a human before." he told her.

Nac gently placed her lips up against his. It was a bit awkward at first, considering he didn't really know what he was doing. However, after a bit she was able to lead the way and guide his lips with hers on what exactly to do. Like she expected, he tasted like cheesepuff dust, but that didn't bother her. She gently suckled on his bottom lip before gently pushing her tongue in to his mouth to meet with his. The tongue movements were slow and awkward at first on his part, but she was able to guide that too. Soon their tongues were dancing around each other gracefully and rhythmically.

The entire time, Nac felt butterflies ready to rip out of her stomach in a feeling of extreme euphoria. Mike placed his hands on her hips and moved her closer. They continued for a bit longer before Mike gently parted away from the kiss. Nac wanted to pull him back in for more, but she didn't want to overwhelm him either.

They stared at each other again, neither of them sure what to say. Nac felt like she was in a dream. That's until Mike spoke and slightly ruined the moment.

He looked down at his lips. "Nyoll, my cheesering is gone!"

Nac laughed. "Mike!" she whined, still laughing. "You ruined the moment!"

"Good, after that amazing kiss it started to get awkward" he grinned.

"So you like it?" she smiled, a slight blush forming over her face.

He nodded before pulling her back in for another kiss, this time with less awkward movements. After a bit, Nac began to rub herself against him without realizing in her euphoric state.  Mike noticed, though, and immediately stopped the kiss.

"Nyoll..." he blushed and looked away.

"What?" Nac says.

"D-Don't do that" Mike got flustered and began to scoot back away from her. "N-Not yet..."

Nac realized what she accidentally did. "I'm sorry!" she felt bad.

"It's okay, it wasn't a bad thing. It's just something I'm not ready for.  The kiss is already something I didn't expect to ever happen ever and it did." he admitted to her.

"I didn't expect it either, to be honest" she told him.

He giggled. "So does this mean we're 'dating'?"

Nac blushed. "O-Only if you want to!"

He gave her a sly grin. "No way! Date YOU! HA!" he told her sarcastically before laughing. "Of COURSE I want to, silly!"

Nac let out a small squeal and threw her arms around him and pulled him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around her as well. He then pulled away a bit. "What now?" he asked.

"Why don't we finish discussing that Uncle Grandpa episode?" she asked.

He smiled. "Finally! I'm gonna have to re-explain everything aren't I?"

"Yes because I zoned out thinking about kissing you" she admitted.

He laughed. "If you can just get past my dashing good looks, let me re-explain what I was saying before..."

And the rest of the time they discussed Uncle Grandpa and did the things they normally would have done except with small make out sessions in between.
The Troll and The Fan 2
Sequel to the first story which can be read here The Troll and The Fan

I've been shipping Cheesenacs so hard lately I just HAD to make another one

Cheesepuff Mike (c) Peter Browngardt
Sarah Nac (c) Me
Stacy, Lisa, and Austin (c) Peter Browngardt
As per usual after a fear game, I had a hard time falling asleep. I only slept for maybe a blink. Everytime I tried to go to sleep I would see that crazy beings face with tentacles pouring out of its mouth reaching for me. At one point I saw that guy with the pig mask clapping and dancing. It took me a moment to realize he was dancing because in this dream I had apparently hung myself. I also saw Ned's mutilated face when I shut my eyes too. At some point during that night I had given up trying to go to sleep and instead I just decided to go walk around the RV. I know it was probably dangerous to do so and probably boring as well because none of the rooms were open, but it was better than staying in my room. I brought my sketchbook with me too. I figured I'd walk around a bit then sit in the kitchen and draw.

   I briskly paced through the RV, which was dark and unusually quiet at this time of night. I tried to open some of the doors, like the door to the library or the door to the game room but they were locked. After walking around, I went to sit at the kitchen table like I had planned.  I drew for a bit until a voice startled me and forced me to look up from my work.

   "What are you doing up so early?" the voice asked.

   When I looked up, it was just Uncle Grandpa, or at least I thought it was.  He seemed different too. Something about his eyes.

   "Uncle Grandpa?" I asked.

   "Oh excuse me... where are my manners?" he giggled before making a goofy face. The face almost seemed mocking. "GOOD MORNING!"

   "Are you really Uncle Grandpa?" I asked him.

   "Who else could I be, silly?" he smiled.

   "I don't know. I haven't been getting much sleep." I admitted.

   "So I've noticed" he said.

   His responses seemed pretty reasonable, which struck me as odd. Maybe I was just tired? I still wasn't convinced.

   "Are you sure you're Uncle Grandpa" I asked him.

   He frowned at me in response.

   "Who are you really?" I asked him.

   He just came up to me and felt my head.

   "Are you feeling okay?" he asked me.

   "I just told you I wasn't sleeping all that well. I'm not sick or anything." I told him again.

   He took his hand off and laughed at me. "That's why you're acting like such a dingus"

   "You're not Uncle Grandpa" I became distrustful.

   "You're damn right I'm not. Uncle Grandpa is sleeping." he frowned.

   "Who are you, then?" I demanded an answer.

   "You'll find out eventually. Maybe you can guess." he gave me a cheeky grin.

   "Stop fucking with me!" I hissed.

   "Then I'd be negligent of my duties, stupid" he laughed.

   "So your duties are to fuck with me?" I asked. "That's ridiculous!"

   "Stop being so arrogant, the world doesn't revolve around you." he told me before sitting down across from me. "In all seriousness, though, if I told you who I was right now, I would have to kill you."

   "Why?" I asked.

   "Does it matter why? It means the less you know about me the better." he snapped at me.

   I noticed his gloves when he did that. They were the same black gloves Pizza Steve had on.

   "Did you give me that piece of paper?"  I asked him.

   He smiled before whispering "The fair maiden who curses at the moon burns in the flames of passion."

   "What does that even mean?" I asked.

   He gave me a look of disgust in response. "What do you want me to hold your hand through this or something? Because I'm the wrong guy to ask."

   "No I just don't know why you're telling me this. Why me?" I shrugged, getting a little irritated with his attitude.

   "Because you need to perform your role better. Otherwise someone else will do it for you. Don't fucking test me." he hissed.

   "My role in what exactly? What the FUCK is going on?" I slammed my hands on the table, trying to stop myself from punching him in the mouth.

   "Ugh, forget it. You're incapable of intelligent thought. Goodbye." and with that the Uncle Grandpa impostor got up. I stopped him though.

   "I came here for answers regarding-" I began to tell him, but he cut me short.

   "I know who you're looking for, and if you want to find them you'll have to perform your duties better. Goodbye!" he hissed and with that he disappeared.

   I decided to just go back in my room. It seemed like nothing was safe from odd or disturbing events in this place, but what should I expect from the UG RV? I drew until I fell asleep. I only fell asleep for a short time before I heard the morning announcments. Tanezumi's condescendingly bubbly voice filled my room and it made me want to punch a wall.

   I was so tired, I was thinking of maybe just sleeping in for breakfast, but something compelled me to go anyways. I thought about my interaction with "Uncle Grandpa" last night. As I walked down, Uncle Grandpa was in his kitchen making himself a burrito.

   "Good Morning, Kev!" he greeted me cheerfully.

   "You're quite awake for being up so late" I responded, testing to make sure I was definitely talking to an impostor last night.

   "Huh?" Uncle Grandpa gave me a funny look. "I was in my room crying myself to sleep the whole night so I'm well rested."

   "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked.

   "It means I have no idea what the heckie you're talking about Kev!" he chuckled heartily before taking his burrito out of the microwave, punching a hole throught the microwave in the process.

   Naturally. So I was speaking with an impostor. Who could he be though? His eyes were so strange but I don't remember what they looked like.

   I went over to the dining room and sat down next to Celeste quite exhausted. I think I almost fell face first into my food I was so tired.  Tiny Miracle noticed and got me some coffee.

   "I brewed it with some Monster Energy Drink so it'll help you wake up" Tiny Miracle told me, thinking he was being helpful but that just sounded really gross to me.

   I drank the coffee anyways. It wasn't too bad actually and after a few sips I started to wake up.

   "How come you're so tired?" Celeste asked.

   "I couldn't sleep" I told her.

   "Sleeping is hard in this place" she responded with a sigh. "I have trouble sleeping myself."

   Nac seemed less talkative this morning and she seemed to be eating her food quicker than normal. I'm not sure why that bothered me. Villefoe tried conversating with her like how they usually talk but she seemed to be short with him. I shouldn't really care, but something felt odd about that.
Before breakfast was over, Mooon Man announced that now some of the other sections of the RV should be opened up and we should check them out. Everyone agreed to check out the new rooms.

   After breakfast, that's what everyone did. Celeste seemed excited to go check it out so I just went along with her, even though I just kinda wanted to relax in my room. Maybe not to sleep because now that coffee infused with energy drink has me shaken up, but just to lie down and relax. That wasn't in my plans for the day, though.

   I followed Celeste through the once blocked off hallway and found a bunch of different rooms to explore. The first room we found was a room that contained doors to all the UG RV Gang's bedrooms. Pizza Steve had he biggest room door. I wondered why he needed such a large door. Maybe he was just trying to show off like he normally did.

   "Uh you can't go in these rooms you know" I heard Pizza Steve's voice say from behind me.

   I turned around and saw him standing there with his arms crossed and a smug grin on his face.

   "I actually have several rooms. One room isn't enough for Pizza Steve" he told me.

   "The answer to a question I never asked" I told him.

   "I know we can't go in there on our own but I'd LOVE for you to give us a tour!" I heard Nac exclaim as she ran into the room.

   "Yeah!" Honey followed after her along with Charlie Burgers, Mooon Man, and Bromanor.

   "Well, I guess I could give my fans a tour!" he giggled.

   Nac jumped up and squealed, shoving everyone aside to be the first in line for the tour. I rolled my eyes and then looked over at Celeste. "Let's see some other rooms" I told her.

   "Okay" Celeste smiled.

   We went to the next room, which was just a computer room with a book shelf and other things you'd find in a computer room. Looked pretty average to me.

   "Hmm" I sat down in the computer chair.

   "See if there's anything on the computer!" Celeste excitedly pulled up by my side to look on the computer.

   I clicked around a bit. There wasn't much on here except for a few standard computer files. When I pressed start, however, I found a strange program called "Problem_Solverz.exe". I clicked on it, and then immediately regretted it.

   Bright neon colors filled the screen as the program started up. Three small avatars were standing in the middle of the screen waving at me. It looked like a giant eyesore made in the 80s.

   "This program is brought to you by" the program began to say before it became static-y. The voice began to warp to "AN UNINTELLIGENT MORON whO CANT PROgraM COMpUtERS WoRTh fOR sHIT!!!"

   Suddenly the screen went black. I thought I had killed the computer, but suddenly a picture of flames started to flash on the computer with a loud error noise before the screen went back to the normal screen it was on when I first touched the computer. Before I could do anything, I saw a small figure pop its head out from the corner of the screen. It looked around before propping itself up on top of the bottom menu bar and sitting down. The figure turned out to be a chubby looking boy with glasses and greasy hair. Suddenly, a message bubble popped up.

   "Ask me a question" the bubble said and had a small space where I could type.

   "Um" I typed.

   I started to get spammed with messages at this point.




   The chubby boy in the corner didn't look very happy. He had his arms crossed and seemed like he was glaring directly at me. I decided to try again.

   "What is this program?" I typed in the question. Messages spammed at me again.




   I sighed and typed "You're a fucking dick head" in the message box.

   The boy in the corner smiled at me, his glasses gleaming as he did. Then a message came up. It wasn't actually a message but more a picture of a really old internet meme that was just stupid and unnecessary.
   "Who are you?" I typed into the box.

   The boy frowned at me and adjusted his glasses before a message came up.

   "I AM..."

   Then suddenly a video popped up. It was a song by Rick Astley called "Never Gonna Give You Up". I sighed, because that was also another stupid meme.

   "You're Rick Astley?" I typed to him. Maybe if I played dumb to the program's jokes it would stop trying to fuck with me.  Instead, I get spammed with winky faces. Then a pornographic picture just randomly shows up as the boy in the corner of the screen seems to laugh really hard.

   Celeste gasped and looked away.

   I tried to click out of it but it wouldn't let me. I unplugged the computer but the images still stayed and the boy in the corner just kept laughing at me. I finally just go to shut the screen off, but that didn't seem to work but the boy stopped laughing and glared at me instead. I pressed the button again and the screen went black. Thinking it was done, I sighed in relief and went to go get up, but instead I started seeing messages come up on the black screen.

   "I WILL"


   Then the screen began to distort and become static like before it displayed what looked like strange pinkish organic material. Before I could do anything, the boy's face appeared on the screen, but instead of being the normal looking, he was a sickly green color. His eyes were widened, but I could tell he was giving me a look of utter hatred. Like he was looking down on me, despising me. Then a loud hissing noise filled the room and he opened his mouth to reveal sharp inhuman teeth before the screen went black again.
Celeste let out a yelp when she saw what appeared on the screen. She clung onto my arm and buried her head in my sleeve. I just sat there in shock. I wasn't even sure how to process what just happened.

   "Great, you broke it!"  I heard  voice sigh.

   I turned around to see Adam standing there with a frustrated look on his face. "I mean, I guess I could try to fix it before anyone notices" he tapped his chin.

   "How long were you standing there?" I asked.

   "Long enough to see that crazy program!" he chuckled. "I wonder what that is? I guess I can spend the rest of the day trying to figure it out. I already beat all the games in the arcade."

   "Shut up!" I looked at him in disbelief. "All of them?" I'm not sure why I was even entertaining the conversation, I didn't really care what he did.

   "Yeah! If you don't believe me you can check all the high scores! Nac is PISSED I have the high score in Super Pizza Brothers 2" he grinned.

   "I guess I'll have to see for myself then" I told him.  I didn't really believe him,but I could be wrong. Either way, I didn't care, even if I did want to check. I got up, motioning for Celeste to come with. I could tell that computer program had her shaken up. I couldn't blame her.

   The next room was what looked like a rollerblading room. The floors were extremely shiny and checkered navy and white. I saw Tiger, Gabriella, Belly, Akira, and  a very clumsy Austin rollerblading around with some strange but happy creatures. There was very loud music blaring in the background. I sighed and immediately walked out of the room, holding my head.

   "It's too bright and loud in there" I muttered.

   "Aww, I thought it looked kinda fun!" Celeste frowned.

   "I'm sorry," I sighed, continuing to rub my temples. "You can go rollerblading in there if you want to."

   "I will later. I want to see what else is here first" she told me.

   I nodded and moved on to the next room, which ended up being locked. I tried to tug and jiggle the handle, thinking maybe it was just stuck.

   "You need a key for that room" I heard Tanezumi's voice say behind me.

   I jumped before angrily turning to her. "Could you at least give me a warning next time you pop up behind me?" I snapped.

   "Lemme think" Tanezumi looked up pretending to think before she turned her gaze back to me and gave me a snooty grin. "NO!" she laughed before disappearing.

   "I wonder where the key to this room is." Celeste wondered.

   The door looked like nothing special. Maybe this was the way to escape? I guess we're gonna have to try and find that key.

   The last room was literally just a desert. There was sand all over with a few cacti here and there. It looked like it went on forever.

   "What the hell?" I shook my head. "A desert? Really?"

   Just then, Uncle Grandpa came over with a jeep. Celeste and I flinched as he came up to us, thinking he was gonna run us over, but he made an abrupt stop right in front of us.

   "If you ever want to explore the GRANDpa Canyon, make sure you reserve a spot in the dune buggy, and bring plenty of water!" he told us with a smile and a wink.

   "Why would we want to explore the desert?" I asked him, crossing my arms.

   Uncle Grandpa leaned in, looking around before whispering. "There's treasure to find! It's really cool!"

   "Okay?' I just kinda gave him an uninterested look. He did a wheelie in the jeep before speeding off. I saw Xarna, Anthony, and Villefoe in the back of the jeep.

   I was about to leave, but I noticed a sign by the door.

   "'Please do not explore at night! Uncle Grandpa can't drive you in the dune buggy or save you' - UG Gang"

   The sign unnerved me. What does he mean by save? What was in the desert at night? Did I want to know?

   "I wanna explore the desert, too!" Celeste smiled. "But first I wanna try that rollerblading out!"

   "Alright, I think I'm just gonna head back to my room" I told her.

   "Have a good rest!" she told me before running off to the rollerblading room.

   As I walked back to my room, I noticed the rollerblading room was filled with even more people. Pizza Steve must have finished his tour because he was skating along side Mooon Man and Honey. Honey didn't seem as happy as she usually was around Steve, though, despite the fact she was skating with him.
I continued on and found Nac surprisingly in the computer room instead of Adam. Wasn't Adam toying with the computer when I left? I guess she shooed him out of there. The door was mostly shut and the computer was fully functional again. It looked like she was on that program I clicked on before. I hid in the doorway a bit, just enough so I could see but not enough for Nac to find me standing there unless she turned completely around.

   She was typing away on the keyboard and I could see the chubby boy in the corner of her screen. He looked a bit distraught. Definitely a different expression from when I saw him. I put on my glasses so I could see what she was talking about with the program. It was hard to see, but the text on the screen was big so I was able to make it out.

   "I'm scared. I can't deal with this!" she typed to the program.

   "I CAN GET EERR.... STUFF FOR YOU IF YOU WANT" the program responded.

   "But what if..."


   "What do you mean you don't know what to tell me?  You created this crap and you're just gonna leave me to deal with it?"






   "I'm mad at you"




   Nac suddenly whipped her head around and saw me standing there. I tried to just run away, but she quickly threw the door open, grabbed me by the collar, and flung me onto the ground.

   "What do you think you're doing?" she shrieked.

   "I think I should be asking you the same thing." I replied.
Death on Wheels: Chapter 11
Imagine if he walked in on sexting

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, Emoji, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

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Death on Wheels: Chapter 12


Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 5:40 PM

Since a user who was in the contest has disappeared, so there would be no way for me to properly credit them, here is the new list of runner ups that will be mentioned in GOA 2: Death on Wheels

Elly by CresentCake
Coco Marie Drillo by LoveSweetLOVE2155

I will be drawing busts of these characters soon
Just a refresher here are the list of the honorable mentions:
Tinley by Shenanistorm
Rose Lily Peach by TheAwesomeGirl
Briana Hill by horohorogirl666
Elly by CresentCake
Coco Marie Drillo by LoveSweetLOVE2155

Congratulations to my new honorable mentions!
What I'm going to be doing with these honorable mentions is adding them to the tales from Tanezumi's Statues. These characters will be achieving great things!

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