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+Hate Uncle Grandpa to the point you want it canceled or make shitty memes about it
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I am Sarah Nac and I AM BACK, BITCHES
I am also known as "Nac", "Nabby-Doo", "Mama Zombie", "Mother Zombie", SNAC, "Sweet Miss Sunshine Cyanide", "Naccy Hensletter", "Naccy Minaj", "Bucky", "Pizza Steve", and very rarely "Izzy" or "Mama Luigi"
I enjoy many things
my current fandom is Uncle Grandpa with side fandom enjoyments of Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, Pacific Rim, Ratboy Genius, and Dangan Ronpa
Previous fandoms I enjoyed and still do enjoy and you might still see fanart from me from are South Park, Fanboy and Chum Chum, The Lorax, Godzilla, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Homestuck, and Dan Vs. ((i prolly enjoy others but this is kind of the ones I remember))
I am currently in a relationship <3 with :iconstaticman5000:
I am an atheist
I am a feminist
I love horror, gore, and zombies
I'm a misanthrope AND a romantic
I really love to laugh, I like funny stuff alot.
Watch me here, and if you have a tumblr follow me there too - mainblog - art and concepts blog that I update more often than this page
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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 8:01 PM

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been inactive in terms of art and stories lately. I've been quite busy, actually! Just to give a run down, I moved out of my house and away from my mother in October because I could not take it anymore there. I currently live with my boyfriend and am doing MUCH better in terms of emotional health. I also cut my hair short, which I will post pictures eventually. I also quit going to Uconn because there's no way I can pay for it with the minimum wage earnings I make. Now before you think that sucks, my life ACTUALLY gets better from there.

I got hired for a stocking job through a temp company for $12 an hour to start! Which is AWESOME! So I will be doing that and the minimum wage job I work now because they are both part time. Even better, I signed up for a phlebotomy certification program so I can become a certified phlebotomy technician! It doesn't cost too much for the program, so I'm going to be using the extra cash earnings I'm getting to pay for the program. I will be starting the class on  December 22nd and most likely finishing with my certification on February 10th, which then I can apply for a bunch of phlebotomist jobs and **hopefully** get a full time job by March that pays me super well and gives me benefits! Yay~~~

Not only will I have a career, but I'll most likely be able to make enough extra cash to attend more conventions and make better cosplays! I know that sounds like a silly thing to want, but it's kind of what I've wanted this entire time. I am an artist and a woman of science, my time should be put into working in the medical field as a career and attending conventions with my boyfriend or doing art stuff during my free time!

But yeah, it's safe to say that I have my life on track and I have a goal and I'm super excited about it! Actually, about everyone I told is happy about it, except for my mom, which is the downside to this.

Yeah, I know, I shouldn't be caring about what my mom thinks considering I left the house and pretty much want nothing to do with her plans for me, but it actually hurts me a little that she doesn't approve. She FOUGHT me on getting a new job and going into the certification program! She was trying to talk me out of it and lie to me by telling me they were all scams! Hell, she even told me how she doesn't like my hair and tried to lie to me and tell me everyone hated it (which is a lie, everyone who's seen my hair cut thinks the haircut looks nice on me and suits my personality quite well). She even tried to talk me into moving back with her even though the household is toxic and abusive! It seems like no matter what I do she is never ever happy with me, which sucks because she is supposed to be my mother! I want her to be happy for me and I want to have a good relationship with her like I have with the rest of my family, even if she was abusive to me my entire life, but she can't even change her abusive and oppressive ways for me! She wants me to stay home and be her nanny/babysitter for all eternity and help ease the brunt of abuse she gets from her emotionally abusive husband! She constantly asks me to come back with her even tho I told her I don't want to come back! It's awful. I want to cut off all contact with her, but I need to talk to her still because she still has me on her car insurance (and its alot cheaper that way) and its a cheaper phone bill to have our phones on the same plan together. Though once I get a full time job and establish my budget and savings, I plan on completely cutting her out of my life so I can finally be happy. Talking with her always makes me angry, upset, and stresses me out. It's a relationship I can't repair and I just need to let go I guess.

But other than that, I am on the road to a happier and more financially secure life by making the decisions and choices I want to make and not the decisions and choices my mom forces me to make! Yay! :D *throws confetti*

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The robotic hand threw Chester down onto a giant spider web. Chester immediately stopped laughing. He began to dart his eyes around in fear. He tried to get up, but the stickiness of the web kept him glued to his spot. Soon, four giant spiders came out, each of them having some strange resemblance to members to The Beatles. The giant spider that looked like Paul McCartney immediately got on top of him and put its nasty mandibles against Chester's face. Chester began to panic, desperately trying to get away. The Paul McCartney spider hissed loudly before it slammed its leg down on Chester's throat. Chester sputtered and gasped for air as Paul McCartney spider continued to press down on his neck. The spider nodded to the other spiders, and they immediately rushed over and began to feast on Chester's body. Tearing his flesh apart. Chester tried to scream, but he was choking for oxygen as Paul McCartney spider continued to hold down his neck. The rest of the spiders took turns ripping apart his organs with their mandibles, throwing gore around the spider web. Soon, Chester stopped struggling and became limp. After feasting on his body, the spiders went away and left Chester a dead and gory mess.
Death On Wheels: Spider Beatles
RIPIP Chester Warbler Zarke

Execution Song:…

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, Emoji, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

REVIOUS: Death On Wheels: Chapter 9
Coming Soon
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Begrudgingly, I made my way to the dining room with Celeste. Everyone was just starting to gather in. I saw Nac walk in with a brief case. What the fuck? A brief case? Really? Is she really trying to be like Ace Attorney? I do not like that girl one bit.

I sat down between Celeste and Mooon Man. Across from me was a cardboard cut out of Ned, which immediately depressed me. I looked over at Celeste, taking a dry gulp before I spoke.

"Can we switch seats please?" I asked her.

She tilted her head in confusion at first, but when she looked over to the other side of the table she understood.  

"Sure!" she immediately got up and switched seats with me.

"Do I smell bad or something?" Mooon Man asked jokingly, which kind of pissed me off, but I just ignored him rather than answered him. I'd rather not fight, especially since he probably didn't mean anything bad by the joke.

Tanezumi backflipped onto the table and pulled out a remote from her pocket. She giggled before she spoke.

"Alright everyone, this is how this is gonna work. You're going to gab boringly about the murder, share your stupid evidence that you gathered from the investigation, and come to a conclusion.  When you come to a conclusion and you guess right, the murderer will be executed! If you guess wrong, you'll all be executed and the murderer will go free." she explained to us all, ready to press the button on her remote before she remembered something. "Oh! I almost forgot! I'll have my good companion and pal Emoji here to make sure things go smoothly."  

She shouted her friends name loudly before a woman with a TV for a head walked in. I had to do a double take. What the fuck? This place gets more ridiculous as time passes!

"Hello, I am Emoji. If you need me to help you explain your evidence, just ask for my assistance by saying 'Emoji, Help'." Emoji explained to us.  

"And they don't have to answer stupid questions for that right?" Tanezumi asked her, seeming to be a bit irritated.

"I was deprogrammed that function from my system for the trial purposes." Emoji reminded her.

"Perfect! LET THE TRIALS BEGIN!" she laughed before smashing the red button on the remote, which made the ceiling spread apart and reveal Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve,  Mr. Gus, Tiger, and Billy Baggins tied up and suspended by ropes above us.

"What is the purpose of this exactly?" Mr. Gus sighed.

"To keep with tradition!" Tanezumi laughed as she took a seat behind a podium that had been set up at the corner of the room.  

Nac immediately stood up and opened her briefcase.

"Alright, so, I found something awesome that I didn't see anyone else point out in the room at all-" she began before Anthony interrupted.

"If it's not about how the victim was murdered we don't need to hear it yet." Anthony told her.

"Excuse me, Mr. Never Talks Except To Interrupt Queens, but do YOU have a brief case? No? Then shut up and let me fucking talk!" Nac hissed.

"Ah, but Miss Nac, I do believe it would be best to speak of the murder in an organized fashion. I know you want to present what you have found, but it will be hard to follow if we do not discuss step by step." Villefoe reasoned with her.

"Well yeah...  I guess..." Nac sighed and sat down.

"Ned got murdered brutally and there can only be one person who could have murdered him..." Chester began.

"Oh no...." Mooon Man put his hand over his face and sighed.  

"Paul McCartney!" Chester slammed his fists on the table. "That dirty bastard! It's all Kanye West's fault for summoning him with that song 'Only One'!"

I heard several groans around the table, including my own.

"My father is so much better at rapping! And at least he doesn't summon Paul McCartney when he does! Ughh... I-" Chester began to rant, but Anthony interrupted him.

"If you truly believe Paul McCartney did it you are delusional and didn't do enough research and here's why..."  Anthony cleared his throat before folding his hands over the table neatly. "As you know, Ned was mangled pretty badly. He was also decapitated and it looked like he was in the process of having his skull removed but it was stopped half way through."

"Why?" Gabriella asked.

"We'll get to the motive later. There are other things that need to be discussed in how he was killed before we get to why he was killed." Anthony explained.

"I believe Kev had an interesting observation." Villefoe told everyone, completely putting me on the spot which I did not appreciate.

"What?" I asked.

"Tell them what you were telling Celeste while you were in his room." he instructed me. Apparently I have to be careful with what I say, this asshole eavesdrops and then puts you on the spot.

"Well, the face that was crudely stuck onto the wall looks like it had been ripped off rather than cut off with a knife or sharp object." I admitted to them. "Or at least was started with a sharp object and then just ripped off. He also had a claw mark on his cheek."  

"Well that makes you really suspect, Villefoe!" Belly pointed out. "You have sharp claws."

"Indeed. But who else could easily scratch or tear off someone's face with their bare hands around here?" Villefoe asked with a calm demeanor. Too calm. If you were suspected of murder I'd think you'd be a lot more defensive, right?

"Charlie and Chester have claws, Bromanor and Xarna have brute strength, and Gabriella has long nails." Akira pointed out. "So it would be fair to say Villefoe, Chester, Charlie, Bromanor, Xarna, and Gabriella are some prime suspects going on that evidence alone."

"Let's go even further than that" Nac said opening her brief case. "Emoji, Help. Please show a diagram of blunt head trauma."

Emoji's screen immediately made a diagram of a person with blunt head trauma. There was even a little indent in the head and a crack in the skull.

"From this diagram, we can see how blunt head trauma works. Now, if you remember correctly, the autopsy said that Ned suffered a blow over the head with a blunt object. There was also clearly a struggle with the bruises on his wrists and other small scratches that indicate a struggle. If Bromanor or Xarna really did it, they wouldn't really need to hit him over the head to incapacitate him, because that's what the blow on the head looked like, especially with the position it was in, which was on the back of his head." Nac explained. Her voice was annoying, but she seemed pretty thorough. "The murderer, while in a struggle, must have thrown them on the ground before taking a blunt object and smacking him over the head with it. This made it easier to decapitate him."

"So that would rule out Bromanor and Xarna." Eddie nodded.

"Right" Nac nodded.

"Also, Gabriella's nails are not designed for scratching. They are long, but they are nothing like claws, so this also rules out Gabriella" Anthony said after inspecting a highly concerned Gabriella's hand.

"So this leaves Villefoe, Charlie, and Chester as our prime suspects" I said.

"Now let us discuss the surroundings of the murder and how the murderer even got in!" Nac exclaimed excitedly.

"We haven't discussed the murder weapon yet" Anthony told us.

"No she has a point, how did the murderer get in in the first place?" Celeste posed the question. "We could talk about the murder weapon, but what good is the weapon if we have no idea how they even got in the room?"

"Plus, this leads to the murder weapon anyways!" Nac told us before tapping her chin. "Which was actually a pretty interesting weapon. Actually yeah, let's talk about that first."

"Make up your mind!" I finally said out loud, a bit angrily.

"I did, jack ass!" she hissed back at me. "Anyways, the murder weapon was actually a dog leash with a collar that has a sharp blade ring on the inside. And guess where I found that?"

"Where?" some people asked in unison.

"In the room right next door to Ned's room!" Nac told us.

"HOW DID YOU GET IN MY ROOM?" Chester seemed shocked. Too shocked. His reaction was a little uncalled for, but then again how else would you react to being a suspect of murder?

"The two-way mirror connecting your rooms was smashed!" Nac told him. "And whoever did not only hid the weapon in your room, but also hid the evidence of the glass shards in your rooms waste basket!"

Chester clenched his fist. "That DIRTY bastard!"

"Are you talking about yourself?" Anthony asked him, a sly grin on his face.

"WHAT?!?" Chester's eyes widened as he nearly jumped back.

"Oh please, this case was so fucking easy and whoever did their research on this case already knows the answer." Anthony replied.

"Basically!" Nac laughed.  

"But you have no proof that it was me! Just because some asshole planted evidence in my room doesn't mean I did it!" Chester defended himself.  

"Yeah, but the mirror was smashed into Ned's room not Chester's room" Celeste spoke up. "Right Kev? I know you must have seen it too."

God damnit! On the spot again! I sighed before answering. "Yes, I saw very small shards of glass on the floor next to the picture. Nac was inspecting it pretty thoroughly so it was hard to miss. Plus, the twinkling gave it away."

"The killer must have used my room to get to Ned's room, then!" Chester continued to defend himself.

"How would they get in without your key?" Villefoe asked.

"They smashed through my mirror!" Chester explained.

"Wrong!" Nac slammed her fist on the table. "Your mirror and the two-way mirror behind your picture were just fine! They'd need a key to get into your room!"

"They stole a key from me while I wasn't looking and gave it back!" Chester exclaimed.

"Give it a rest, will ya?" Anthony rolled his eyes.

"So you're saying I definitely committed the murder?" Chester asked.

"Pretty much." Anthony nodded.

A lot of gasps were heard around the table, especially a loud gasp from Chester. My head was spinning as I looked around at everyone's surprised faces. I couldn't believe someone here would kill my best friend! Anger was swelling inside of me as we sat in silence for a few moments. If this was true, I was going to throw my chair down and beat the shit out of that crazy wolf guy! I know Ned did something terrible the other day, but that doesn't mean you can kill him! Chester began to talk again, which just made me angrier.

"I-I don't understand..." Chester began to cry. "Why are you accusing me of doing such a terrible thing to someone?"

"There's 2 motives you would have for this, actually." Villefoe pointed out. "One would be the incident in the gym where Ned threw kitchen waste at Honey..." Villefoe didn't even get to say anything more when Chester snapped and interrupted him.


"Don't pin this on me!" Charlie growled.  

"It's impossible for Charlie to have gotten into your room without busting into it." Anthony pointed out. "And there's no evidence that your mirrors have been shattered nor any evidence that your door's lock was messed with."

"He could have picked the lock or something!" Chester pleaded.

"Well here's the 2nd motive of yours" Villefoe cleared his throat. "Nac, tell him."

"You have a giant skull collection!" Nac told everyone.

"That means nothing! Don't drag my hobby into this!" Chester hissed.

"WAIT! She's right!" I immediately shouted, thinking back to when Ned nudged my arm and pointed out this guy's weird hobby. "Do you remember what Ned asked you at breakfast before the incident, Chester?" I asked him.

"W-What?" Chester asked.

"He asked you a question, and it's actually pretty important to what's going on right now and will about sum up what YOU fucking did" I snapped. I may be wrong or right, but from what everyone was discussing at this table, I have a pretty good idea of how and why Ned was murdered.

"What did he ask me?  I don't remember!" Chester looked puzzled.

"He asked you if you would ever get your hands on all 4 Beatles members. And do you remember how you replied?" I was shaking with rage, and I think it showed in my voice as well.

"I told him how I wanted Paul McCartney's skull" he replied.

I balled up my fists and bit my lip. Celeste put her hand on my arm in an effort to comfort me, but I felt too far gone at that point. I wanted to jump across the table and slap the shit out of him. But I had to give my theory on what happened, whether I was right or wrong.  Anthony or Nac may be able to confirm it for me.

"THIS is what fucking happened, after hearing everything everyone had to say about the case." I began, trying to hold back some tears. I had trouble constructing it together all in my head, and now I have to actually talk about it. "Chester was very upset about what happened to Honey. So upset he began to believe Ned was really Paul McCartney in disguise. With this theory in mind, Chester barged in through the two way mirror after seeing Ned was just alone sitting on his bed with books, fought him, knocked him over the head with something before putting that dog collar on him and ripping his head off." my voice cracked and I had to cough and try to hold back tears. "And then with that head he began to pull his skull out by ripping off his face, as Anthony said the murderer did. At that point he must have realized he didn't actually kill Paul McCartney, because the shape of his skull wasn't the correct size, and of course a collector of skulls would know enough about skulls to see that. So he stuck the face on the wall, tossed his head aside, and hid the rest of the evidence in his room!"

"That's crazy!" Chester shouted.

"Okay, I'm bored! This has gone on for too long! Have you found your killer yet?" Tanezumi yawned.

"Yeah. It's definitely Chester." Nac nodded.

"WAIT! HEY!" Chester hissed.

"Oh and look it that! You're right!" Tanezumi laughed. "Chester, you made it way too easy for them! I would tell you to try better next time, but you won't have a next time!"

"I DIDN'T KILL NED!" Chester screamed, tears streaming down his face.

Tanezumi rolled her eyes. "Here, maybe you forgot what happened. Let me roll the tape. Emoji?"

Emoji's screen flashed to a video of Chester sitting on his bed, examining a skull from his skull collection with the dog leash and a large red mallet sitting next to him. All of a sudden, a dark figure came out of no where and stood in front of Chester's mirror. Chester shot up from his seat and immediately grabbed the dog leash and the mallet, screaming something we can't hear because the video only has footage and no sound. The figure jumped through the mirror, breaking and shattering it all over Ned's room presumably as Chester followed. The next scene cut to Ned's room, where Ned sat on his bed with a terrified look on his face as he saw Chester come at him with the weapons. Chester tried to lasso the leash onto him, but Ned dodged and quickly made his way to his door. Chester threw his weapons down and immediately grabbed Ned and attempted to wrestle him to the ground. They struggled all around the room before Chester finally threw him down, picked up the red mallet, and bashed Ned's head in with it. He then put the leash around Ned's neck.

This is where I had a hard time watching, but I knew I couldn't look away. I put my hands over my mouth and began to cry as everything I theorized happened actually happened. He stepped on Ned's head as he ripped off the collar of the leash, ripping his head right off. He then immediately bent down and began to rip off Ned's face with his bare hands before realizing he killed the wrong person. He then stuck his face on the wall, tossed the head aside, and left the room.

"So you were pretty close with your theory, Mr. Peepants. Good job!" Tanezumi complimented me.

"But... I could have SWORN that was Paul McCartney!" Chester tried to excuse himself. "I-I'm sorry Kev... I-"

I glared at him. "I don't want to fucking hear it."

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Pizza Steve shouted from where he was tied up. "JUST WAIT ONE MINUTE! Can you go back to the part where the guy was jumping through the mirror as Chester followed and pause it please?"

"Emoji?"  Tanezumi asked.

Emoji did just that.

"Now can you zoom in on that guy please?" Steve asked.

Emoji zoomed in on the figure, and sure enough that fucking asshole figure WAS Paul McCartney.

"THAT'S FUCKING PAUL MCCARTNEY! WHAT THE FUCK?!?" Mooon Man screamed, literally almost falling out of his chair.

"Well shit!" Steve sighed.


"Actually, I have a message from Paul McCartney to you." Emoji said before changing her screen to what looked like an interview with Paul McCartney.

"That's right! I threw all that stuff on Honey AND tricked Chester into killing Ned." Paul McCartney laughed on the screen. "And you wanna know how? It's because I am a shape shifter!"

Paul McCartney slowly morphed into Ned. He waved to the screen. "Isn't that convincing? But do you want to know who I really am?"

I heard Nac sigh. Why was she sighing? That sigh really bothered me, but I needed to just keep on watching who this Paul McCartney guy really is.

Suddenly, Paul morphed into Ule Gapa. Which shocked the fuck out of me, actually.

"Ule Gapa!" he laughed. "That's right! I hate you, Chester! I was the one who called you a 'stupid retard' at that movie theatre that one time.  And you wanna know something? I'm not fucking sorry! Because I STILL feel that way about you! HA! And you know what else I'm not sorry for? Throwing shit all over that dumb blonde slut, Honey! AHAHAHA! Fuck all of you! I'm so glad Ned got fucking MASSACRED in my place and I can't wait to see you fucking die painfully, Chester! AHAHAHAHA!"

Honey began to cry and Riley immediately began to comfort her.  

"Please don't listen to him! He's horrible!" Riley told her before shooting a glare at Ule Gapa.

Ule looked stunned. "I-I didn’t..."

He couldn't even finish his sentence before Chester got up and revealed he had his red mallet under the table the entire time.


"W-Wait I-" Ule Gapa tried to reason with him, but Chester pounced on him and then began to violently bash his skull in with the mallet.

Ule screamed in agony as Chester smashed his skull repeatedly. After a while, Ule's brains began to splatter out, but Chester kept going.

"DIE! DIIIIIEEE!" Chester screamed as he continued to pound his head into the ground. He finally let him go and sat down next to him to catch his breath.

Everyone stood in complete mortified horror of what just happened, including myself. Regardless of how anyone feels, it's clear that Chester was dangerous.

"Well, you're definitely a murderer now." Tanezumi laughed. "Off to execution you go."

"I'm fine with that." Chester smiled as a giant robotic hand came out of the wall and grabbed him. "I killed my worst enemy!" he laughed.

The robotic hand carried him into this other room that began to open up and reveal itself to be like a giant stage. Chester laughed the entire time. Like an escaped axe murdering maniac who got caught and was being dragged off to a mental institution for the umpteenth time.

Celeste hugged onto my arm as I continued to watch on at the horrors that happened next.
Death On Wheels: Chapter 9
brutal chapter is brutal
God damnit,  Paul McCartney
he was in on it all along

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, Emoji, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

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"So what should we do first?" I asked Celeste. I wasn’t exactly a detective, and even watching a few episodes of a murder mystery show, I still don't think I would be able to accurately do this.

"Well, I read a whole bunch of murder mystery books, so maybe we can mimic what those detective characters do" Celeste answered.

Apparently she was in the same boat I was. We're going to have to follow the footsteps of fictitious detectives.  

"So the first thing we should do is examine the body and the scene around the body" Celeste told me.

"We're gonna have to look at my dead friend?" my voice cracked a bit as I asked, I had to clear my throat several times after.

"Well, yeah. We need to know how he got murdered." Celeste told me.

"Yeah but doesn’t the autopsy report have all that information? I-I don't want to look at his body." I sighed.

"There are things the autopsy report missed" I heard a voice say. A voice I haven't heard since we first got here.

I looked over and saw Anthony stooped over Ned's body. "I guess it'll be your loss if you don’t want to look. It's not like you'd know what to look for." he smirked as he mocked us.

"Hey! We're all in this together. If we all guess wrong we could all be killed!" Celeste reminded him.

"I suppose I could share information with you" Anthony tapped his chin. "But do I want to do it now or later?"

"Quit playing games!" I snapped.

"Games are fun" he whined. "Especially Hide and Seek."

"What does that have to do with anything?" I asked.

He began to dig around Ned's body, which made me extremely uncomfortable. Not just the fact it was my dead friend, but also the fact he's just sticking his hands in his pockets and what-not like it's nothing.

"Any moron can seek what is hidden. Most will give up if it's too challenging" he began to tell us as he picked something out of Ned's pocket. "But it takes great skill to actually find what is hidden."

In Anthony's hand was a crumpled up piece of paper.  

"Is that a note?" Celeste asked.

Anthony smirked at us as he uncrumpled the paper and showed it to us.

"It's a note threatening him" he told us.

I took the note from him and examined it. The handwriting was quite sloppy and had ink smudges and read "YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID!"

"Who could have wrote this?" I asked.

"Anyone at this point, that's why you'll need to go find more clues and evidence" Anthony told me. "This is all I'm gonna help you with. Don't get in my way."

I shoved my hands into my coat pockets and rolled my eyes before walking away. Celeste shuffled to follow after me.

"We should examine the room now" she told me.

I stopped in front of the mangled face stuck onto the wall as I went to go follow her. Looking at it up close gave me even more of a sick feeling in my stomach, but there was something interesting that I found about the face.

"C-Celeste-" I called out to her.

"I'm here don't worry!" she reassured me as she squeezed my hand, probably thinking I called her out of distress.

"No I know, but look at this, as grotesque as it is. There's something off about it. Look at the edges." I pointed out.

Celeste lifted up her bangs to get a better look. She shuddered before looking away.

"The edges look really rough, almost like it was ripped off rather than cut off with a knife. And there's a claw mark on his cheek." I told her.

She gave it another look, a cringe on her face the entire time. "You're right! The murderer must have sharp nails."

I couldn't bear to look at the face anymore, so I went to go look around the room some more. I found very small bits of glass on the ground near the corner, but I didn't think much of it. Maybe he accidentally broke something and cleaned it up. Nac seemed interested in it though. I wasn't gonna bother asking her why. The last person I want to talk to is Nac.

I tried my best to try and gather evidence around the room, but the more I tried to look the more uncomfortable I got.

"Maybe we should just talk to other people and gather alibis like they do in those crime shows now" I told Celeste.

"We hardly even looked at anything!" she told me.

"I'm sorry, I'm just really uncomfortable in this room. I don't think I can do this right now." I admitted.

"Okay. We can always come back later." Celeste nodded in understanding.

The first person I went to talk to was Eddie, because he was the last person I spoke to before going to see Ned.

"Did you see Ned at all last night?" I asked him.

"No I did not" Eddie shook his head. "I'm sorry. I played a video game with Adam and then went to the gym for a little cardio exercise and then I went straight to my room."

"You didn't see Ned at all during that time?" I asked him.

"No" he shook his head.

"Okay..."  I sighed and turned to Celeste.

"Who else should we interview?" Celeste asked. I could tell she was a little upset that I was pointlessly interviewing people rather than actually looking at the evidence. I wanted to tell her to just go examine things without me, but I really couldn't be alone right now. Besides, Anthony looks like he knows what he's doing, and I'm sure there are other people who are much better at examining evidence than I am.

"Hmm..." I thought back to yesterday, the incident where Ned threw that bucket of lard on Honey and then hit Steve with the bucket. Then I thought of seeing Ned in Ule's room when I took down the picture.

"Let's talk to Ule" I told her.

I found Ule talking with Pizza Steve in the kitchen.

"Listen you piece of shit pizza boy, I want some goddamn answers! I keep seeing those mother fucking cheese hand prints on my fucking bedroom walls. This is ridiculous! Is he here or not?" Ule Gapa angrily demanded from Steve.

"How the hell should I know? If you want to know more about that cheeto engorged freak you'll need to talk to Uncle Grandpa. Besides, you have more important things to worry about right now, like solving this murder case!" Steve replied to him impatiently.

"You know more about it than you're letting on! I want you to talk!" Ule demanded.

"If you keep asking me the same goddamn question I'm just going to leave and you can kiss anything that I know about anything good bye. I told you I know nothing about the handprints or his whereabouts! Now leave! You owe me money for taking up this much of my time!" Steve hissed.

"I was only here for 2 minutes!" Ule screeched.

"2 minutes too long! My time is valuable." Steve told him coldly.

"Ule" I called out.

Ule angrily turned to me. "What the fuck do you want?"

"I want to ask you something about the murder." I told him.

"I didn't fucking do it!" Ule screamed at me, immediately jumping to conclusions.

"I didn't say you did. I wanna know if you knew if anybody else was in your room." I asked him.

"Yeah, that Cheesepuff Mike psycho! There's cheese puff prints all over the fucking room! All over the pictures! I had to take them down to clean them, and that's when I noticed there were two way mirrors installed in the rooms! I was able to see your stupid fucking room and your dumbass sleeping at 9 like a fucking idiot." he confessed to me.

I was relieved when he confessed to me that he knew about the two way mirrors, despite the fact the way he presented the information was irritating.

"There are two-way mirrors?" Celeste squeaked the question.

"Yeah, and you can see into the person next to you's room." Ule told her.

"Well I found that out too, and when I took down my own picture I saw someone looking back at me in your mirror. Unaware that I was able to see them, that is." I also confessed.

"WHO?!?" Ule demanded the answer, grabbing my shirt collar.

"I saw Ned." I told him.

"Ned?" Ule looked confused. "That little scoundrel! How did he get in there?"

"I don't know! But I saw him there shortly before the incident in the gym." I admitted.

"Ugh! What the hell! I'm gonna check the lock on my door cuz all kinds of people are coming into my room!" Ule hissed as he stomped away.

I turned to Pizza Steve. "Would you know how Ned got into that room?" I asked him.

He was ready to give me some kind of snooty remark before his face and demeanor turned serious.

"Maybe. I need more evidence for that to know for sure, though. I don't want to speculate." he told me seriously.

"Well speculating might help!" I tried to entice him to tell me.

He laughed. "You don’t know how this shit works do you?"

"Not really..." I began to say, but then I was interrupted by an announcement.

"That's enough looking around! Report to the dining room immediately!" Tanezumi told us with a malicious giggle.

Oh great... I haven't really even looked at much!

"Oh no!" Celeste slapped her arm sleeves over her face.

"Eh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine." Steve reassured us.
Death On Wheels: Chapter 8
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Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

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I again had trouble sleeping that night, but rather than dreaming of nothing like I did last night, I actually had quite a vivid dream. I stood in a place that looked like one of my sketchbook drawings.  It was a barren and desolate apocalypse land. I walked through it for a while, seeing strange shapes and random body parts along the way. Like a melted clock on a branch, a random eyeball on a tin can, etc. Finally a person came into sight as I was walking. I could not see who they were, as their back was turned to me. They had a black cloak on and mangled black hair matted on their head. The closer I got, the more it reeked of raw fish. I had to put my shirt over my nose to try and keep myself from breathing in the horrible stench. The closer I got, the more faint I felt. I also noticed that the closer I got the more the person seemed to change in appearance. The person got shorter and their clothes changed until they looked like Ned from behind. The horrible stench was still there. I called out to him, but he wouldn’t respond. It wasn't until I put my hand on his shoulder when I realized something was wrong. The stench was not only unbearable, to the point I felt like I was going to empty the contents of my stomach right then and there, but everything disappeared and went silent. Everything went black and all I could see was Ned. We were floating in oblivion.

It wasn't until he turned around and revealed that who I had put my shoulder on was not Ned at all. The person who turned around had the face of a pig. I stepped back before it let out a shrill squeal. The whole scene forced me awake and I shot up out of bed seconds before the morning announcement even sounded. When it did, I paid no mind. I was just trying to grip what was reality and what was just a figment of my imagination at that point. It took me a bit, but when I felt a grasp on reality,  I brought myself up out of bed so I could get ready. I actually spiked my hair this time, too, even though it seemed pointless. It looked better that way. When I was ready, I went to the dining hall for breakfast.  

I was the last one there because of my spikes, or so I thought. Upon closer observation I found Ned was not at the table. I thought maybe he skipped out on breakfast too because of the shit that went down last night.  

"Has anyone seen Ned?" I asked.

"Who cares?" Chester rolled his eyes at me.

"Well, I do. I know he did something reprehensible last night, but he's still one my friends." I replied, a bit of anger in my voice.  

"Check on him after breakfast if your worried, then." Eddie suggested.  

"I'm sure he's still hiding in his room" Honey laughed.

I sighed and poked at my breakfast. I just really wasn't feeling up to eating. Everyone's side conversations seemed to blur into one another. Nac's ramblings about her website and fanfictions, Riley telling Honey about a show he watched, Xarna discussing work outs with Bromanor that preps you on how to kick ass. It all blurred into each other. I was glad when breakfast was over and people started to disband and go their separate ways.  

I immediately went to go check on Ned, but before I could go on I was stopped by Eddie.

"Did you need some help approaching Ned?"  Eddie asked. "Sometimes its hard to convince people of the wrong actions they did. Ned's probably just avoiding his problems rather than facing them."

"Thanks, but no thanks." I told him before leaving.

Eddie nodded. At least he seemed to understand.

I put my glasses on and went up to Ned's room. I went to knock, but the door was ajar. I thought that was quite odd, and my stomach started to sink assuming the worst. I tried to push those thoughts away, telling myself that maybe Ned was thinking of going to breakfast but then didn't and forgot to shut the door all the way. I kept telling myself that when I went in I would see him sitting in his bed reading Hungry Games. I tried to stop the feeling of dread overcoming me as I proceeded to push open the door. Of course, the positive thoughts were rushed away as dread immediately took over the minute I walked into the room.

I covered my mouth and almost fell back. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Crimson blood splattered all over the wall and the floor and the bed. Ned's decapitated body with no head. Ned's head tossed on the floor carelessly with his face ripped off an his eyeballs popped out of their sockets. His face stuck on the wall like as if it was a holiday sticker decoration on a store's window. I closed my eyes and shook my head, hoping that when I opened them I'd see Ned was okay, just sitting on the bed and reading, looking at me like I was nuts and asking me if I was feeling alright. I desperately wanted to hear his voice just so I knew that what I was seeing was just some crazy hallucination this awful place has influenced me to see.  

But when I opened my eyes, the sight still stood. Ned wasn't okay. Ned was still carelessly mangled all over the room. Ned was gone.

I let out a loud scream, something I would have never thought I'd hear come out of me in a million years. I kept screaming and shaking, completely and utterly terrified. Dread, guilt, shame, fear, and terror hit me at once and welled up in the bottom of my chest as I emitted this cry for help from my chest. Soon, people started to come to my aid, thinking that maybe I was in need of assistance but stopped dead in their tracks once they saw why I was screaming. I almost felt like my lungs gave out so I stopped screaming and just collapsed on the floor. Everyone from the RV tour was standing in Ned's room staring at the sight in front of them. That's when the TV flickered on and a familiar theme from Blue's Clues began to play.

"WE JUST FOUND A BODY~ WE JUST FOUND A BODY~ WE JUST FOUND A BODY~ I WONDER WHO KILLED IT!" Tanezumi's annoyingly cheerful sing-song voice sang with the music. Her song felt like salt in the freshly opened wound. Like she was mocking the pain of losing someone. Like she was specifically mocking me.

All the emotions I was feeling at that moment were too much. I had lost my other best friend. I had specifically came here to find a lost friend, only to lose another. I felt alone. I felt a complete sense of hopelessness. I felt angry that I had to be stuck here like this. I began to weep. I didn't even care how it made me look anymore. I lost someone important to me and I couldn't handle it. Tears blinded me, snots blocked my nose, and I choked on sobs. I felt like a disgusting pile of mush lying there on the floor. I knew he did something awful, but did he really deserve this? Maybe he was going to apologize? But we'll never know because someone thought that he deserved to die.

I felt someone kneel beside me and put their arm around me, like as if they were trying to comfort me. I didn't really bother to see who it was. I was too disgusted to even move. I heard Tanezumi come into the room.

"DAMN! One of yous really went all out! Now we gotta find out who did it!" Tanezumi told us. "If you guess correctly, you all get to live! If you guess wrong, everyone except the murderer dies and the murderer gets to go home free!"

I heard Uncle Grandpa also enter the room and erupt into tears. "NO!!!" he screamed. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!?"

"You will be given an hour or so to investigate the crime and ask around about it, all that fun CSI shit." Tanezumi began. "Then you will report to the dining room and start the trial, where you will make like Ace Attourney and discuss your findings and come to a conclusion of who done it. Probably the most boring part about murders around here." Tanezumi yawned.

I finally looked up at Tanezumi, who was standing there with a smug look on her face. "You mean your just gonna make this into a BIG fucking game?" I hissed.

Tanezumi laughed. "It is a big fucking game, Kevin! Why the hell are you crying? Punks don't cry. You're a poser and a pussy!"  

Rage overtook me at that point.  I got up to my feet, knocking over whoever was comforting me and lunging at the rat. "YOU FUCKING BITCH!"

Tanezumi simply stepped over and I almost stumbled into the bloody mess. She made a tut tut noise and shook her finger at me.

"Mr. Peepants! It's not very punk rock of you to try and hit a lady! I am very sorry you can no longer make out with your boyfriend, but you just gotta face the music. He's dead, now grow up!" she giggled mockingly.

I balled my fists and turned to her, but then I heard Celeste's voice.

"Kev, please! It's not worth it!" she pleaded with me. "Trying to hurt Tanezumi isn't going to bring Ned back!"

I sighed and looked down in defeat. She was right. It didn't matter what mocking and defaming things Tanezumi said about me or Ned, the fact of the matter was that he's gone and the only thing I can do at this point is continue to play this stupid game.

"Because I'm such a nice gal, I made an autopsy report to help get you started!" she chuckled before handing Villefoe a manila folder. "Good luck! You're gonna need it!"

Villefoe cleared his throat before opening the folder. He looked over at me. "Kevin? May I ask your permission to read this out loud in your presence? Or do you need to leave the premises for mental health purposes?" he asked.

I nodded. "It's fine, just read the damn thing." I appreciated that he asked me, though.

"Very well," Villefoe nodded and began to read the file. "Mr. Edward Brick died a tragic death at 11:03 pm. A simple decapitation did him in, but there are other marks on his body. He has bruises on his wrists that indicate a struggle, and he was hit over the head with a blunt object."

Villefoe held up the diagram that showed an outline of Ned's body that had arrows and marking to where he was injured.  

"Well, let's get to work then..." Chester sighed.

"Wait a minute! We need to make sure no one tampers with any evidence!" Nac suggested. "If we leave Ned's body alone, the murderer could come in and change stuff on us!"

"I'll stay" Xarna said. "I'm a better body guard than I am a detective."

"I will too!" Bromanor offered.

"But what if one of you did it" Akira scratched his head. "Wouldn't that just give you the opportunity to mess with stuff while we're not looking?"

"If one of us did it, the other would be watching to make sure the other doesn't tamper with anything" Xarna reassured. "Hence the point of having two people on guard duty."

"True" Akira said. "Great idea!"

Everyone went their separate ways to investigate. Some stayed in the room to view the surroundings, others went to find other clues around the RV, and others just didn't really care all that much. I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do. Looking at my dead friend was awful enough, but having to examine him and treat him like some kind of murder mystery crime scene seemed dehumanizing. I wasn't sure if I could bring myself to do it.

Celeste approached me and took my hand.

"Hey Kev, I'm really sorry for your loss." Celeste rubbed my hand in her hands. "I was the one who was hugging you while you were lying on the floor."

"Are you alright?"  I asked her. "I got up suddenly, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"I'm fine! I understood you were upset about the mean things Tanezumi was telling you" she reassured. "I just want you to know that I am here for you and  I wanna help you find out who did this to your friend."

I nodded before kneeling down to her height and putting my hands on her shoulder. "Thank you. That means a lot to me. If you have my back, I have your back. Together we will bring justice for Ned and put an end to this chaotic RV madness!"

Celeste smiled and nodded. "Yeah!"

I put my fist up for her, and she returned the favor and we did an epic fist bump explosion motion.

"Let's do this!" Celeste jumped up, showing she was energetic and pumped, ready to take on this horrific game. It made me feel less alone.
Death On Wheels: Chapter 7
The return of the INFAMOUS song that everybody loves!!
Right-o, Tanezumi, Right-o

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

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(Contains: violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
"GABRIELLA!!" Tanezumi announced cheerfully.

"Huh?" the camera clicked over to Gabriella's room as she looked around fearfully. "M-Me?"

Her room slowly morphed into a house, kind of similar to Ule Gapa's old TV studio set except this actually looked like a house rather than a TV set. It was dark with the only light illuminating the room was a television that was on. The camera showed Gabriella behind the couch and someone clearly on the couch behind her but we cannot tell who the person is. All that sticks out is an arm and some hair. Gabriella scratched her head before looking over at the arm hanging off the couch. She hesitated before speaking.

"H-Hello?" she called out, slowly getting up onto her feet.

She carefully and slowly moved over to the couch until the face of the person was visible. It was some kid from a younger grade at my school that nobody really liked. Melvin I think his name was? He was a bratty freshman who apparently still needed a babysitter even in highschool. Even after getting a lesson from Uncle Grandpa about selfishness (or so I heard), he still went back to his old selfish ways.

"Melvin?" she called out.

He appeared to be sleeping. His eyes were shut and he had quite a peaceful face. Though something about him looked strange. He seemed paler than usual. She took a few more steps over before gasping and slapping her hands over her face. Soon the camera panned in on what she discovered. He was dead. There was a giant spike impaled through his stomach and blood all over the couch dripping down onto the floor. Gabriella let out a loud scream as she fell over and crawled back against a wall.

"Noooo!" she sobbed.

Just then, a phone on a nearby table started ringing. She picked it up. "Hello?"      

"You neglected your duties as a babysitter" a deep voice on the other end told her.

She sobbed violently, putting her hands over her face. "I'm sorry!" she choked out.

"Too late." the voice told her before the dial tone sounded.

As soon as the phone call ended, there was something standing in the corner of the room that wasn't standing there before. I had to squint to try to view it, but the camera cleared a little more for us to see what was standing there. A clown. A blue clown. I widened my eyes as I remembered that thing in the closet. Pogo the sad clown. Its face was sad and its eyes were full of tears. Its make up ran down its forlorn face. It stood there waiting for her to see him.

Gabriella must have sensed something watching her because she looked up to see not only the message on the wall, but the clown in the corner of the room. She wouldn’t take her eyes off the clown, reaching for any kind of weapon she could. When she couldn't reach for anything she quickly looked to her side to see if there was anything there. Nothing. She turned her gaze back to the clown and found it right in the middle of the room a lot closer than it was before. Its face still twisted in sadness. You could hear it weeping.  

Gabriella slowly got up and began to inch her way into the other room. As she did that, the clowns face slowly transitioned from sad to angry. Its mouth slowly began to open as its eyes locked onto her. Gabriella shook in fear, afraid if she moved it would lunge at her but if she didn't it would still try to hurt her. Realizing she had nothing to lose at that moment, she quickly ran into the other room. The clowned let out a loud hissing sound as its jaw practically unhinged and revealed sharp teeth. It quickly chased after her. The other room was a kitchen, fortunately enough, and Gabriella went for a large kitchen knife in a knife holder. She turned around to defend herself before screaming as she saw the thing running after her. She slashed at it as she ran away from it.  

It kept hissing and lunging at her, only to hiss and back away from the knife. She did this knife chase game until they got back to the living room. She was just about to go up the stairs until she accidentally threw the knife across the room in the middle of her slashing. Rather than try to chase after the knife, she knew she had to just run away and try to hide. The thing hissed and began to lunge after her, but she ran with all her might up the stairs. She screamed all the way into the upstairs bathroom, in which she attempted to close and lock the door, but the clown's hand shot in. She screamed as she repeatedly slammed the door on the hand.

"GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!!" she screeched.

The clown yelped in pain as it took its hand away and she was able to successfully shut and lock the door. She leaned up against the door before sitting down on the ground to catch her breath. She immediately started looking for another weapon. She wasn't able to look too long to do so, because the lights flickered on and off and Pogo appeared in the mirror. Gabriella screamed as Pogo lunged out of the mirror to grab her. She unlocked the bathroom door and ran out to the bedroom frantically, shutting the door behind her even though she knew it wouldn't help much at this point.  

The bedroom was dark, so she flicked the light on to see better. She immediately regretted her decision because once she did she saw dead  Melvin lying on his bed. Above him was the word 'Regret' written in blood. Gabriella screamed and began to cry again before Pogo came up behind her and grabbed her. As soon as it grabbed her, the sound of a bunch of phones ringing at once went off around the room. Gabriella tried to fight the clowns grasp and scream, but it put its hand over her mouth and held her still. She finally stopped fighting to listen.

The voice sounded just like Gabriella's voice. "Oh yeah hey Trisha hee hee how are you? Yeah? I'm just babysittin' you know. Stupid kids are outside playing space man or whatever. Making them some lunch right now. Kind of a lame job, but I need the money for the shopping spree at the mall this weekend! So excited! Well I gotta go talk to you later!!!!"

The phone clicked before ringing again. Gabriella stopped struggling against Pogo this time.

It was her voice again. "Hey Uncle Grandpa, have you seen Melvin? He's about this tall and wearing a towel for a cape. I've never lost a kid before!"

Uncle Grandpa answered her distress. "Don't worry, babysitter lady! I'll go through every dimension until I find the exact one that he's in!"

The phone clicked and rung again.

"Oh there you are Melvin! Thanks Uncle Grandpa! Here, c'mon Melvin, let's go have your favorite, Dinner Sandwich!" Gabriella's voice sounded. She sounded very relieved to have found him.

"No, why don't I make the Dinner Sandwich for you!" Melvin offered.

"Oh okay" Gabriella chuckled.

The phone rang yet again, and I think Gabriella knew what was coming next because she began to cry.  

"That's right mom! She was negligent and terrible!" Melvin's voice stated angrily. "And if it weren't for  Uncle Grandpa, I'd probably be lost or dead!"

Whom I assumed to be the mother gasped.

"B-But they were outside playing space man the whole time with Uncle Grandpa. I didn't think he was actually lost I thought they were playing!" Gabriella told her, worry in her voice.

"You were SUPPOSED to be WATCHING THEM at ALL TIMES!!!!"  Melvin's mother boomed.

"I was! I was watching them out the window while I made their lunch!" Gabriella insisted.

"No you were probably too busy on the phone with your stupid friends!" Melvin accused.

"No! I only talked to my friend once and I told her immediately that I had to leave because I was babysitting! I wouldn't neglect kids! I know they need to be supervised!" Gabriella pleaded.

"Well, Miss Gabriella! You are negligent and irresponsible! You can have your money now, but I'll make sure you NEVER get a job babysitting here or anywhere else again!" Melvin's mother told Gabriella angrily.

"But I-" Gabriella tried to reason with the mother, but was interrupted.

"Go! Before I change my mind on your pay!" Melvin's mother told her.

The phone clicked and Pogo let go of Gabriella, who just fell to the floor as a sobbing mess. The phone rang yet again.

"I'll give you one last chance to prove yoru worth as a babysitter.  Watch Melvin and if you can supervise him the ENTIRE TIME and not even TOUCH you cellphone, I will with-hold posting my poor review on your babysitting skills." Melvin's mother told her. "I really need you to watch him tonight. Something urgent came up at work. I won't be longer than a few hours, can you handle this?"

"Of course!" Gabriella told her. "Thank you for giving me a chance!"

The phone clicked. Gabriella was hugging her knees on the floor as Pogo watched. A few moments later, Melvin sat up. He swung his feet over the bed and stood up. When Gabriella noticed, she immediately sat up and backed into Pogo, who did nothing at this point.

"W-What-" Gabriella tried to sputter out the question, but was interupted.

"Wait until MY MOM sees THIS! You couldn't even watch me for ONE SECOND! You thought I was asleep on the couch but I was DEAD! You suck at babysitting! You don't know how to watch kids! They should burn you for being so FUCKING stupid!" Melvin laughed, but it didn't sound like Melvin entirely. The voice had a slight demonic hint to it.

"I-I-" Gabriella tried to choke the words out of her sobbing.

"You worthless cunt!" demonic Melvin laughed. "Slut, whore, bitch, CUNT!"

Gabriella put her head down in defeat, violently sobbing and choking.

Suddenly the door slammed open.

"MELVIN!" Melvin's mother screamed.

Gabriella looked up and everything was gone. She was in her room again. No clowns, no demonic Melvin, no Melvin's mom. Just her alone in her room. Tanezumi took over the television screen.

"Hope you enjoyed the fear game! Have a good night!"
Death On Wheels: Fear Game: Ring Ring
But who was PHONE???? *dramatic look at the screen before a brick promptly whacks my face for referencing a VERY OLD creepy pasta meme that's so ancient it's probably older than me*
GOA 1 references in there *nudges your arms* heheheheh

TW: Harsh language, slight gore, and CLOWNS because thats a very common phobia! Stay safe!

Sarah Nac, Grunnhilda, Tanezumi, and both versions of Ule Gapa's sitcom characters (c) Me
Villefoe (c) Staticman5000
Celeste Beaumont (c) Shenanistorm
Yvonne "Honey" Smith (c) TheAwesomeGirl
Chester Warbler Zarke (c) PoochysCabinet
Everyone Else (c) Peter Browngardt

REVIOUS: Death on Wheels: Chapter 6
Death On Wheels: Chapter 7

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